Thursday, August 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2244 SPG 378 SG AKAR 23 AUG 11

RUN NO. 2244
DATE: 23 AUGUST 2011
HARES: Trailblazer/Sue-Anne

So when my Mum tells me that we're doing the hash, I'm not gonna lie...I'm in it purely for the me me meeees and the beer banter at the end. That said, I absolutely loved this weeks run. Short and sweet but cross-jungled and bugged enough to make me feel like I've suffered enough to warrant said beer, and enough of a story for me to bring to my Fleet Street work colleagues that I braved the Borneo rainforest, that we went off trail following paper through mud, gunk, and logs that disintegrate when you step on them, emitting Pumba-from-the-Lion-King-worthy woodlice and other multi-legged 'things'. I'm a bit of a wuss, can you tell? I'm told there we two checks but by the time we got there, some keen hares had already on onnnnnnned and let us in their wake to follow the route back to the waterhole of paradise lost...a marquee with a couple of ice boxes. Before the run had even started, climbing that hill to the start point was a pretty grueling workout, especially when *ahem* you're a little late and have to park at the bottom. All in all an enjoyable trek that made me finally feel like I was on holiday in Borneo, and as much as I'll moan about being dragged from a plane through the jungle without so much as the opportunity to climatise...let's be honest ladies, although it's part of your weekly routines, from the other side of the coin, it's pretty damn cool. Many thanks to Trailblazer, On on!

'down in the jungle, where nobody goes,
there's a bunch of hen house harriers following their nose,
with a me me me here and a on on on there,
they're havin' fun just following the hare
Boogie woogie oogie'

NEXT RUN: Spg 564 Subok - An hour for walkie talkies. Once you get into the jungle it is very jungly n overgrown, so keep on paper, enjoy the ups and downs and the water features. Please bring your own chairs.
HARES: Mrs Pingu/Lauren

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