Monday, December 02, 2013


RUN NO. 2362
DATE:26 NOV 2013
Mrs Pingu first one home

Virgin Front and back horns

Terrible traffic along Jalan Kota Batu AND Jalan Muara meant quite a few hashers arrived just in time, for the much debated front horn to sound! We appeared to be a bit thin on the ground - not of runners, but of experienced hashers who actually know what to do with the horn once they have it…..Kirsten gallantly offered and I offered to take her as a trainee. It’s not a difficult job, but you do need to get the hang of it. A couple of the main points are to keep calling ‘checking from here’ whilst stood on the checks, and not to pip the horn or call on paper until you actually are on the new paper. By all means shout ‘on back’ or ‘on ahead’, but the sacred horn shouldn’t be sounded until you spy the hallowed paper. Other than that, fairly straightforward really! 

 We headed off down the track, and the paper took us into the right, not long after we came upon first check. The on was back, found by the stalwart Trailblazer! Back onto the main trail we had run in on. we ended up heading right again, down a clear trail this time, down and back up and right again, to another check, found AGAIN by the ever clever Trailblazer! The on paper was down a gentle incline to a trail under canopy. A bit muddy and thorny, as Pimping is, we wound or way through the jungle - pausing for a moment where our JM broke her shoulder last year, to contemplate how not to repeat this feat! Third check took us across a swamp - beautiful, thank you dear hares ;-D This one stumped us, we checked all over, for quite a while, until Mrs Pingu spied our cars and led us out back to the on site. 

 Huddled under the tent, due to rather inclement weather, our spangly new JMs very able conducted their first shout-up. WELL DONE LADIES! We’re in for a good year I can tell. Last years JMs were the hares, Ikea was celebrating quite a lot of runs! As was demon check finder Trailblazer, and another hasher also had a celebration run (I’m not even going to attempt to spell her name). Our horns were thanked - Kirsten is now a fully fledged horn who can do this all by herself I have no doubt! We welcomed 2 new members, sisters if I recall correctly - welcome ladies, enjoy your time as part of the best group of women in Brunei. Our makan was wonderful - provided by the hares, Mrs Pingu’s laksa (see hash recipe book for details). As the first run under a new committee, this was more than commendable - WELL DONE LADIES yet again.
Flowers from hash to past JMs

This week’s run sees bit of change for H3, we’re treating you to the delights of Rapier Range! As you head down the coastal highway towards Tutong, at km86, or slightly before, make sure you’re in the right hand lane, go past the u-turn, and very quickly after that you turn right - there will be a sign in the central reservation, the road heads up a hill - just follow signs. We look forward to seeing you there, on on!   

NEXT RUN: RAPIER RANGE - COASTAL HIGHWAY --- bring lots of spray

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