Monday, October 28, 2013

RUN NO. 2357 DIPLO 22OCT2013

RUN NO. 2357
DATE: 22 OCT 2013

Friends catching up - Glamour & Duchess
Hotlips & Pee Wee

I didn’t quite do the run

Though I did go for a walk

And we were on some of the paper

And all the way we talked


Sid & Trailblazer found the on on paper

But everyone else decided to get lost for a bit

And then they found another check

And by then just kept on walking. Those gits.


There wasn't that many people

And the sky threatened to cry

Lots of homemade goodies to eat

Something buzzed past Erin’s eye


Shout out was quick

No guest or new member

Though it was great to give

Handles to 4 hashers


Moana have been good

Bringing guests from here and yonder

From now on she will be known



Karlene is well known

And it suits her new title

For her love of animals

We name her DR DOLITTLE!


Rozi is the cousin of Psycho

Is full of laughts and Oooos

But she hasn’t done anything much



Masayo is from Japan

Her English is good to get by

Raise your beers and shout the cheer

we all yell out KAMPAI!

Graceful Hashit takers Psycho & Satu Lagi

St Andrews run in on the fourteenth November

Serunai Singers is this Friday

Halloween Run is Next week

And kids hash is on Sunday

For Halloween Run is next week

It’s not at five , we will start late

The run will start unless it is raining

But even if it is, after the sun sets


Bring along your carved pumpkin

Some nice prizes to be won

And set it on the table

You may submit more than one


There are ghosties hiding in the jungle

Ten of them you must find

Don’t be greedy one is enough

To get you a goodie at the end of the line


Dress up totally scary

Dress up in your best

There will be a competition

Three prizes for best dressed


- The Scaries -


Ghosts & Goblins

Spooks Galore

Scary Witches at your door

Jack O Lanterns

Smiling bright

Wishing you a haunting night

NEXT RUN: DIPLO --- Halloween -- 6 p.m. start
HARES: Psycho & Rachel

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