Monday, September 23, 2013

RUN NO. 2352 DST - 17 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2352
DATE: 17 SEP 2013
FRONT HORN: Hillary    BACK HORN: Never Wrong

♫♬♪♫♫ ← that is the horn! 5.15 and off we went! I think Hilary was front horn, not a job to be sniffed at - and let’s face it, you get a rest from checking. We set off on a gentle jog down one of the best roads to nowhere in the country. It’s much improved from a couple of years ago, less holes and mud, but still quite a long trot. We ran past the cut in to the left, right to the end, where the paper took us right and eventually down to the first check. (Not so, as it turned out) Clever clogs that I am, I was convinced that the on paper would be down the hill and in to the right, as several runs have taken us that way, and I’ve laid a couple myself, bringing us out on the gas line and back to the tent. However, the hares laid the on paper cunningly to the left. This took us onto a gravel path and then into more jungly terrain. We’d all bunched together (a sign of a good check) by this point, and were all snaking around the track when 2nd check was called. Having an excellent week’s checking, I checked back - wrong again!!!!!!!! It was on ahead, and brought us out onto the out-trail, albeit it a rather long one. Swampy, wet, muddy, but not bad if you wanted to stretch your legs and have a bit of a run. We finally hopped over the barrier at the end and up the road back to the tent. A thoroughly pleasant hash, thank you Hares!

A bit of washing down and changing later, and we all gathered around for the shout up. Our JMs and our GM came up for their down down for the good run we had just done - and they provided us with some very tasty Thai makan - thank you again Hares. We had 5 new guests, the only one I could hear was the Scottish lady - good to tell she is a teacher ;-) 4 other lovely ladies with very quiet voices so I’m unable to tell you anything about them. We had 2 new members - hurrah! Nancy and Zoe, welcome to the ladies’ hash, you’ve just joined a very special group of ladies, you won’t find a more independent, strong, adventurous yet caring and supportive group of women anywhere.
New Members....
This week’s run is very different to last week’s. Wear long leggings/socks as my legs got a bit scratched on our recce. Some different jungle, with a couple of stunning views - take the time to look, it’s part of what hashing is all about! There are quite a few pitcher plants along the way too. Only one real hill, a bit of water - in fact a bit of everything really! It’s the first Satu Lagi / Pee Wee collaboration, so we hope you enjoy it, on on!

NEXT RUN: SPG 355 TUNGKU --- wear longs

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