Monday, September 30, 2013

RUN NO. 2353 SPG 355 JLN TUNGKU - 24 SEP 2013

RUN NO. 2353
DATE: 24 SEP 2013
HARES: Satu Lagi/Pee Wee

Another glorious sunset in Brunei
“The dirtiest run I have ever set!” “The dirtiest run of the year!” “I’ve never done so much cutting!”

Who said that? None other than our illustrious hares of the week!

Facts: 2.46km; FROPs 40 minutes; Brackeny, scratchy, muddy up top, soggy below, slow track

Moanna went checking for the first time. And what a start for a virgin! She sniffed out TWO checks, not just one! Congratulations Moanna!

And what about everyone else?

“Ouch!” – Everyone! “Lots of tripping” – Lucky Hash Hound

“Hot!” Squeak

“Should have brought long socks!” “Didn’t have my pants on!”

“White socks are going in the bin!!” – Lesson learnt! (But they were her husbands – so that’s OK!)

“Filthy dirty and didn’t bring pants to change into!” – Twinkle Toes

“Why haven’t I got a little map? I’ve just got a square!” – Duchess of Cambridge.

“I got trapped in a root and had to sit down to cut myself out of it!” – Glamour

New member getting her H3 paraphenalia
Departing "Clover" catching up with returning Hasher "Bini Hutan" after a long summer in Europe
Hilary - Hashit for not briefing her guest well!
What about this weeks hares? Well we didn’t do the run as we were busy cooling down beverages for post run rehydration.

Tonights run – H3 Oktoberfest! Sort of!!!

A good workout/run for the kmph/step-counters who will work up a thirst for H2O or 100+

Or, for slower hens, a pleasant country walk/meander to a “country” pub!


Hashing, refreshes the parts, other exercise cannot reach!

NEXT RUN: Kapok Kanan
HARES: Madam Sin & Smurf

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