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RUN NO. 2358 DIPLO 29OCT13

RUN NO. 2358
DATE: 29 OCT 2013
SITE: DIPLO ---- Halloween
HARES: Psycho/Rachel T
SWEEPER: Mrs Pingu

It was twilight as the run start time was a bit later than usual at 6 p.m.  JM Ikea made sure we paired up and staggered the start, with a note that no running was allowed and to "walk slowly". With the realization that my co-hare for next week was nowhere in sight, decided that mental notes were required if we were to have a run report.

I paired up with a guest - Jessie and Duchess of Cambridge and Le-Anna. We went in  passed pretty  tea lights in the pipes around Diplo, complemented later when it got dark by fireflies galore. We were told the "out" would be by glow sticks rather than paper....

As we approached the jungle, amid witches in covens, screams and screeches were heard ahead as the scare team got into action.  Equipped with torches we had to keep an eye as to where you tread as we followed the stream with lots of roots to trip over and fallen trees to duck under.  Then it was up.....and up.....guess you had to get up to the ridge sometime if you are down by the river! Smurf had perfected her glug and many trees that you seem to hang on to assisting in the uphill accent gave you a feel of "yuk".....

We spied Psycho in a hidden huddle but her "blue" by her side gave her identity away - lol!
Smurf was playing with her favourite toy and getting all she could with her water gun.  Gave me a hair wash - she did notice as she said after "I think I got you!"

All out was confirmed by Mrs Pingu who was sweeper and the scare team gathered back at the tent and started preparing their ghoulish feast.  Poisoned refreshments appropriately labeled jam jars were served with the jars free to take home - good way of getting rid of what you don't need again. Food included: Caterpillar Sludge (yummy),  Mutilated Chicken, Roasted Flesh, Re-gurgitated dinner, and dessert of Blood cake, faceless jack-o-lanterns amidst great d├ęcor and Trailblazer dotted the table with Eyeball chocs, and gummy cats.

Pumpkin carving competition was well subscribed with Readymix winning the grand prize.  Thank you hares for the gifts which included life pumpkin plants and cute baskets. Best costume went to Le-Anna in her forgotten bride costume which got a few people guess who was under the veil/mask. Someone even thought it was Pee Wee which prompted remarks like "too skinny" for Pee Wee - not meant to be unkind!

Someone shouted Dizzy should get the hashit as she had arrived at hash looking for a guest whom she did not know the name of?? Psycho gave her a surprise dunking as she was in a hurry to get rid of the hashit she got last week. A new member was introduced - Sarah P.

A great evening enjoyed by a coven or more! Definition of coven by the free online dictionary - cov·en (k v n, k v n). n. An assembly of 13 witches.

Enjoy this weeks trail - pretty by the ponds, look down at the top to see where you have been! Definitely a Kodak moment.  A waterfall or two if it has been raining. Wear longs if you don't like bracken on your legs. Pretty pitcher plants to see on the way. Enjoy.


NEXT RUN: Lower Diplo - onon at Glamour's - celebration two birthdays and Glamour's 60th wedding anniversary
HARES: Trailblazer/Sticky Rice

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