Saturday, September 14, 2013

RUN NO. 2351SPG 492 JLN MUARA - 10 SEP2013

RUN NO. 2351
DATE: 10 SEP 2013

With the hard rain that we have had for many nights lately - it was a relief that tonight's run was dry. There was a good turn out of hens with several guests, making it a busy run. The quote of the day "The hills aren't so bad...once you've reached the top" from Rave really did sum up the run in many ways. The plural of hills was correct, with the checks leading us to go up and down them several times. First check was found twice, once on old paper and the second time on the right paper.  Well done Satu Lagi and Hash Hound, between them they found all three checks.

Once up the hills, there were great stretches of trails for the front runners to let off steam. The trail led us to Lucky Gardens and then back in the jungle for most, except the group that needed rescuing. The run was a good hour for front runners  (thank you very much!)  but the hares were kind enough to lay a shorter run, which meant that everyone was out in good time.

The second sign "don't park on the grass as it is soft" was left by the sign in sheets...oops you had to park before you could read the sign!- sorry! The shout up was a busy affair - with four first time guests and our celebration of the September birthdays - Happy birthday to Debbie, Doris, Hash Hound and Black Beauty. Also well done to Alison on her 1050 runs - wow. Everyone was being too good so no hash it this week, hurry up Dizzy - we really are waiting for you. Thank you ladies for the run and laksa and great job Rave as virgin hare.

Note on this weeks run. Yeh we are back at DST. Normal run with good trails and no hills, but be prepared to get muddy! take care to stay on fresh paper as kids hash was at this site on Sunday.


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