Monday, December 23, 2013

RUN N. 2365 DIPLO 17 DEC 2013

RUN NO. 2365
DATE: 17 DEC 2013

The tent from Friday's H4 run was still in place and those hens that were present hoped it would not rain as did not want a repeat of sitting with feet  in six inches of water. Thankfully the rain stayed off.

There we only a handful of hens - around 20 as most were still on holiday. We started off away from the usual in down towards the highway across some watery paths - luckily the hens were not put off and carried on. Checking was called at the bottom by the stream and Glamour was spotted towards the right. Trailblazer had a hunch and carried on left. Onon was soon called up the usual track...with orange paper connecting the on.

A steep rambling scramble proceeded till we got on to good running trails. We got to a stream where 2nd check was called. Trailblazer thought it was ahead but as the others had not arrived decided to explore along the stream to the right. Got a bit carried away and could not hear the horn or on called. It was a while before I found paper and carried on out.

Familiar out trail and Bills Ridge soon reached but found Glamour and two new hens going the wrong direction. They were soon on their way out after a few photos taken by Alice in Wonderland - note for Jenni from the block - I was not hallucinating! Alice in Wonderland was at the out trail!

Great run followed by the usual healthy vegetarian chilli with salad, two types of rice followed by yummy cake. Thank you hares n friends. After shout up conducted by GM Squeak as both JMs still away, half the hens went home while the others chatted under the stars saying good bye to Vanessa as her family will be leaving for a new adventure in their home country- all the best!

Onon Trailblazer

Next week's run Spg 420 JLN MUARA. Kg Sg Tilong. Pls park sensibly as narrow access.
SECRET SANTA will be visiting - Please bring a wrapped gift of no less than $10 for the SACK.

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