Sunday, September 01, 2013

RUN NO. 2349 DIPLO 27 AUG 13

RUN NO. 2349
DATE: 27 AUG 2013
Hares Psycho & Rozi

Girls in pajamas with Jess.....
JM Ikea all enthusiastic at her first hash after the summer holidays.

Black Beauty being mysterious

Off  we went in Diplo on a fine, cool evening although breezeless, is that a word? The in went in where the kids Hash had come out on Sunday, making me think my  newly dried Hash shoes would soon be muddy again, correctamundo! A lovely sticky, muddy mushiness needed to be navigated before we offed into the jungle proper.

Fabby Diplo type hills and dips awaited us and our three pouches in tow as we clucked along fusing fitness, friendship and fondue recipes as we hashed.

The paper seemed to go randomly from white to yellow and back again but I'm sure there was a check there somewhere and it was a veritable confetti storm on the out trail, you couldn't have got lost on a dark night with a blindfold on and your Mother-in-law giving you child rearing advise in your ear if you tried.

Thanks Psycho and Rozie for the scrummy, fragrant curry, rice and little balls of asthmatic asphyxiation for afters, tasted good but lethal icing powder, need to register those a WMDs girls!
I won the pyjama competition in my green and white ice cream cone number......not. We had a first time guest and a new member but you better ask someone, who didn't eat from an aluminium cooking set for a year whilst travelling, their names as I have forgotten, sorry. Anyway Welcome, welcome welcome ladies.
New Member

Ok that's it. Enjoy the British Isles' run on on Sticky Rice.

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens -- Wise Run -- You might want to dress up for the onon at Hotlips!

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