Friday, October 04, 2013


RUN NO. 2354
DATE: 1 OCT 2013

It has been a while since I last wrote Hash word. Inevitably because of laying next week run (Breast Cancer Run 8th October 2013) need to submit this on time.

I arrived 15 minutes earlier before 5.15p.m. (the start time) at Kapok to find there was no tent in sight. Very few hashers chatting away while waiting for more to turn up. Peewee took the front horn position but said she did not have wrist watch so will need to be alerted; I set my alarm at 5.15 and promptly when it buzz .. off we run or walk following for the first time using yellow paper s(instead of white). I thought color paper is for connecting ‘check’. Glamour and Duchess mistaken the color papers, they spent the earlier part of the hour going the wrong trail.

We all rather familiar with Kapok hill run; but hares had cleverly took us to different ‘In’ trail, put up a rather different style of first check which was found by ‘Sarah’ (hope I didn’t get the name wrong) over a zinc/wire fencing across drain on the right side of the trail. This again lead the whole pack (the late comers also managed to catch up in time) and we found that all of us back to the cemented stairs up, up, up to the usual trail of Kapok run. Caught up with ‘Back horn’ Erin, she and ‘Squek’ both decided to pair up to keep each other company (good choice).

It was indeed a long up climb and after passing ‘Gua Harimau – Tiger Cave’ sign I managed to snap a photo of our new Japanese Hasher – she looked enjoying her walk. We soon reached the summit of the trail at the hut spotted ‘Satu Lagi’ and two others were taking photos of the sea scenery while the rest of the front and fast runners who couldn’t bother to take a break had all proceed to run back to wagon site. Just as the name of run said Hashbar Run; the hares generously set the bar at the descending route where I too happily took two cups. The drink quickly kicked in my empty stomach and chemical reaction was fast enough to make me felt a little tipsy.

At the site, the tent finally arrived, quickly set up and the shout up was assembled; two first time guests were introduced and a new member (Mew Sum) was confirmed but she made uncalled mistake of drinking before down down was sang, oh..oh ‘Hash shit’ was given to her along with ‘Never Wrong’ who supposed to give her guest away did not promptly respond to the call.
Few announcements were made followed by a sumptuous meal catered by the hares. Masayo gave me her Japanese ‘Sake’ cocktail which again increased my spirit. I decided stay on a bit to chit chat with hash shitted ‘Mew Sum’ and her new Singaporean friend (1st time Guest) awaiting the sweet spirit stabilized in order to avoid newly implemented ‘Demerit System’ by Land Transport Department. Not forgetting to pick up signs for next week’s Breast Cancer Run. On on..

NEXT RUN: SALAMBIGAR WATERFALL - BREAST CANCER AWARENESS RUN - Bring a chair as onon at Wonder Woman's house ..

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