Friday, May 28, 2010

RUN NO. 2179 25 MAY - SPG 1067 JLN MUARA

Rolling over?
Crossing the creek

RUN NO. 2179

DATE: 25 MAY 2010






Having heard the various attempts of the hares trying to get their route correct, and six reccees to ensure the hens were safe and the run great, we arrived at the Simpang to find the tent already set up, but then, I thought our shout up was going to be across the road at Mizusu’s? Never mind, it gave us a good idea for future setting up of a tent if we needed to have a shout up in the simpang, but then again, don’t our JM live just down the road in Spg 1047?

After signing in, the horn took us back to the main road towards the electric substation and into the jungle. Up the track to the pylon where memories of the last hash came to mind when we were milling around trying to find first check… at that point, thunder and lightning was heard in the distance with rain certain to fall, but when? Some hens started to turn around not even waiting to get to first check where they had been recommended to get to should they not want to go round. We had also been warned by JM Diva (who incidentally should have got the hashit coming to the hash all dolled up! Apparently she had a gig to go to and was not hanging around – just enough to start us off and put some notes in the file so that JM Ruthless Pursuit could follow thru during the shout-up.

Once off the pylon trail and as we headed into the jungle saw Satu Lagi running back after being left behind while checking and cursing under her breath! A slippery trail where going up or down some inclines were faced, although once on the ridge, good running trails was there for front runners to enjoy. Checks were found by Pee Wee, Rambling Rose and Ruthless Pursuit. While going around, I did think that it would make a very good run if it was not wet.

Once we popped out of the jungle and found the reservoir, I knew we would soon be out. Relieved that we had come out this side of the reservoir and we did not have to cross it since it was full due to the recent rain. The trail then wound down towards the farm and we were soon on the way out. As we headed towards the locked gate, a group of hens led by Magic Roundabout who after quite a few weeks of enjoying New Zealand was living up to her name, going back into the jungle with no sign of paper. We called them back and soon were all on track heading towards the road, although we had to gingerly walk along the creek with barbed wire on one side along a narrow grassy ledge and deciding where we should cross and then back again to get out by the fence, as paper was few and far between.

We got back to where we start to sign out but found there were still six in although by the time we had cooled and washed down, they were all out. So off we set off to Mizusu’s for the on on and was greeted with a delicious cocktail dressed with a strawberry.

Shout up was orderly and the hashit was still intact with no takers. Ryvita celebrated her 100th run and Suzi her 50th. Mizusu presented them with a gift each as they were guests at her house., a nice touch. Supper put on by the hares had the “Japanese” theme with endame served while we were waiting around. Even the hares wore “Japanese” style outfits for the shout up. Delicious Japanese curry among other delicacies including sushis was sampled with lots of hens asking for the curry recipe. The theme was Japanese and Mizusu even made “hello kitty” short bread, and there was also carrot and chocolate cakes to follow. Thank you hares for such a grand spread, and for use of your house and compound! On on – Trailblazer


HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Sarong/Survivor

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