Friday, June 11, 2010

RUN NO. 2180 - 1 JUN 10 - DST

Hashit taken by Christine for not signing in!
Hens Readymix & Trailblazer

RUN NO. 2180
DATE: 1 JUN 2010
HARES: Trailblazer/Readymix/Sarong/Survivor

First day back doing school runs after a weeks break and boy, after moody kids we were happy to see 430pm. Miracles do happen and we were early for the first time in weeks. We were even on site to hear the horn and had forgotten what it sounded like....."toot-toot-toot-toot!!" Lets go! We started running, yes we did, Ms Merlot, Vanessa and Bella (yes even Bella was running) through an open drained area and out to the path on the right. Satu Lagi found an early first check (she was going to have a 'smashing' night) and it was on ahead, up the hill and across a couple creeks, with unstable poles to hang onto-think we all made pretty ballerinas. We thought we were close to the front runners, but it was Claire and Satu Lagi who found the checks to get us out. Hares thought they laid 4 but front runners thought they found 5. We went in and out of the jungle then out onto the road around a huge reservoir (thought we were in Scotland for a minute and saw the Loch Ness monster...) and then back into the jungle....we knew we were on our way back. We came across Speedo and her friend daydreaming, doing a circuit and missing the 'out' completely.

It was a good run, some hashers forgot their shoes and ran in crocs, so luckily we didn't get too wet. We signed out, found out Fertile Myrtle had delivered baby number 4, that Survivor had a baby; that is her daughter had a baby and the shout up was under way. Two guests a Kiwi (Elaine) and a Brit (Shantal), and couple of funny jokes from Miss Pink and Speedo. We wished a speedy recovery to Alison, her hubby and niece after a horrible boating accident, and showered Christine with water and noisy chickens for not signing in! Thanks to the hares for a yummy dinner, AND CONGRATS TO TRAILBLAZER AND READYMIX ON THEIR 400TH RUN, but the night was still young and full of drama. Not only did Satu Lagi lose her mobile phone in the big blue 'Ice Bucket', she was heard from Kuala Belait, 'going off' at her driver for crashing into PeeWee's little Swifty!!!! How much room does a driver need to turn the car??? Apparently more than DST has to offer....maybe we could have our shout ups on the runway, ask for clearance for a few hours so Satu Lagi's driver has plenty of room and no obstacles to smash into....That's one for the suggestion box.

Enjoy ladies, thank you for your kindness. On On!!!
Ms Merlot and Bella

HARES: Mrs Merlot/Bella/Rachel

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