Monday, May 03, 2010

RUN NO. 2175 - 27 APRIL - SPG 787 JLN MUARA

New hens Miaei and Jane
Diva's hubby acting on the barbie
Hares Legally Blonde/Madmarg/Diva

RUN NO. 2175
SITE: Spg 787 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC
HARES: Diva/Madmarg/Legally Blonde

What a lovely celebration of ANZAC day – thank you to all the hares …Diva,, Mad Margz. Legally Blonde, & Ruthless Pursuit for providing such an enjoyable evening …

We started by catching up and chatting with all our friends…then…5.15 Beeep Beeeep …Oink Oink & we’re off down the hill – along the road and then right following a tract through some interesting kampongs & fruit farms – such a lot of flora and fauna to look at on the way – An amazing yellow flame tree full of flowers, coconut palms sago plants ?? – it was a bit like a Sunday afternoon stroll through the lovely countryside no hills, water, mud or thorns to be seen.

We were welcomed back with a squirt of water as we scrambled through the tunnel to reach our well deserved 100 plus. Unfortunately Trailblazer’s sister Tina took a tumble and hurt her already bad knee – ice was applied with lots of fussing and care – hopefully nothing too serious! (Since then she has had an operation for her badly fractured patella and resting at home with her "leg up" literally with time off work!)

On On was fabulous – such a lot of thought to give us a great evening – the food –so delicious and varied – I loved those Anzac biscuits… We were all given a T-shirt to remind us of the day…New members were welcomed Miaei & Jane ..both given a down down and a hash ‘bible’ to study to avoid being nominated for the weekly ‘hash shit’- talking of which we were obviously all so good this week no one was given it.

Another welcome was given to Catherine visiting her auntie Alison on her adventurous world tour…from Manchester… She was given a grand applause and a warm welcome by everyone.

A few announcements… Coffee morning at Carolyn’s house Wednesday 1st May 9-12 with lots to buy hopefully. 800kg of rubbish was collected from the beach this month by volunteers. Looking for more volunteers for next week’s clean up which will be on Muara Beach The Nash Hash will be at Diplo – forms for attending will be at the next Tuesday hash .. JPMC asking for volunteers to donate their blood for a transplant if you have O +. blood. We were asked to join forces on Saturday afternoon 1st May at 2pm to give support if needed to Lee’s case To conclude - we were reminded of what took place on 25th April during world war 1 … a toast was offered on on………

Next Run: Subok 67
Hares: Never Wrong/Velma

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