Tuesday, May 18, 2010


RUN NO. 2177
DATE: 11 MAY 2010
HARES: Never Wrong/Velma/Jo

lots of ladies and 2 cute dogs...(no first time guests)

Its Tuesday...

Its 5.15... so it must be (no not Crackerjack!)..BUT The ladies hash run!

Another week wings its way past us at a ferocious rate and Tuesday is here again..How on earth did that happen? Did anyone see where Last week went as I appear to have misplaced it??

Bunnygirl did the honours and gets Ryvita to be front horn and domestic goddess to be back.. and I know where IM going to be placed.... firmly with Domestic goddess .. that's for sure..

My mum used to tell me off for plodding when I was a kid, but suffice to say, ive remained a plodder for the last 45 years and .. I ain't gonna change now!

We start off walking along the nice sandy path that runs parallel with the shore line...through Mozzie infested areas-where the little buggers feast on my arms like a person at a free Makan session... Nom Nom Nom!! Ooh retaliation was swift and bloody.. but I had the last laugh! 'SPLAT!'

We reach the shore line as the sun descends on us..oooh what a beautiful sight. The Empire at dusk. Its one of them sights that takes your breath away, no matter how long you have been here in Brunei.

The majority of the hash ladies are now way in front of me, I climb the huge breakwater rocks, and decide that I really don't like this bit.. ( im a bit of a ditsy girl, with 2 left feet< & have a tendency to be clumsy around stones- I wimp out from going any further.. and clamber down the rocks..Gracefully .. of course!!)

I heard from Claire that the run then followed the shore line up and down even more breakwaters and with some lovely walks along the sand...

Tango and Ryvita and Claire C all found checks at various stages... my hat goes off to anyone who climbs them huge rocks... I know MY limitations (but a bonus was we were quite close to JPMC had the need of arisen.. which thankfully, It didn't!)

The Sunset that we saw was breathtaking..im not sure how the girls arranged that to happen after such stormy weather the last week..

As we all signed out , Velma handed us a white Chrysanthemum as a happy Mothers day gift..what a lovely thought *(dont expect that this week, if we ever suss out a route up & down kapok kannan, it will be miraculous..Kapok Kannan has always been a nemesis for me, as it was one of the first runs I did with karen palmer, and I hated it!! )

where was I....

The down downs started very swiftly this evening.. Psycho got her Goblet and a down down for achieving 50 GLORIOUS runs..(way to go Wina!)

She also managed to clear the beach up while we were there too (bless)

It was mentioned by Allison that Sue was in hospital after having some surgery, and also Alice in Wonderland mentioned that Glamour was back at home after her surgery. Heres wishing them BOTH well..

Ruthless Pursuit did an fantabulous job at manning the decks of the ladies hash single handedly..keeping us all in line in a matronly fashion! Only minor heckling was heard from some...

The hares provided us with some rather lovely Roti and Dhall and curry sauces..to ease our hunger after mountaineering up the rocks of Tungku beach

Thanks to the hares for the Run and the food ..

Its soup in a basket for this weeks run!

NEXT RUN: KAPOK KANAN ---- change of site

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