Monday, May 03, 2010


Some of the ladies all dressed up for the occasion
The hares Fiona and Sid
Titanic slide in Fiona's garden for the on on

RUN NO. 2172
DATE: 6 April 2010
HARES: Sid/Fiona
Hens: 44 Chicks: 2

When I arrived at the hash site there was a big bouncy Titanic water side on the front lawn. A change of clothes was mentioned at last week’s Hash, so be ready after the Hash run for some fun. The run tonight had a good mixture; road, jungle, and urban trail. Ryvita and Tango lead the ladies at 5.15 along the road heading toward the roundabout where we turned left and ran behind a few houses which then led us into the jungle where first check was eventually called by Ryvita. Tango found first check, we then continued along the trail and it was not too long before second check was called by Satu Lagi. When we got to the creek we then went left back onto the road and from there was a nice easy run/walk back to the Hash site. On arrival back at the On On site we were given a boarding pass by the Hares to board the Titanic and what fun some Hashers had. Many went back several times, having so much fun, which took you back to our childhood memories of a water side on the back lawn, but not so amazing as tonight’s bouncy slide. Before the Shout Up we were offered Singapore Slings and crackers & pate, a nice touch. At the shout nothing too exciting to report, Wina told a joke, but no hashit. Thank you Hares for the delicious food and cucumber sandwiches and a lovely evening.

Next Run: Spg 338 Jln Muara - Roadrunner Lee's memorial run
Hares: Madmarg/Karin/Aunty Lynn

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