Monday, May 10, 2010

RUN NO. 2176 4 MAY - SUBOK 67

RUN NO. 2176
DATE: 4 MAY 2010
HARES: Domestic Goddess/Clover/Ms Pink

We arrived at the hash sit to be greeted by a very cute puppy which immediately befriended Rambling Rose who decided to forgo the run and adopt it and take care of it.I believe others were taken by Alison and Tiga too.Please let us know of their progress.

We were warned that it was not going to be a short run. We started along a track and gradually proceeded up to the rigde and hut at the top.

I could have turned back but decided I needed to do more,that was probably my downfall.From there on it was up and down, up and down, across streams and over and under logs.Whenever I got to a top of a hill I saw another one coming up.

There was some confusion at a check with paper spotted in two directions but eventually the correct route was found and we continued on. It was getting dark by the time I reached the out trail and there were some large drains so we tried to warn those following.I was very relieved when we reached the end.

Domestic Goddess and Legally Blonde headed in to help the last four still in the jungle and they returned at about 7.30

The shout up began and we welcomed one first time guest Malika a born and bred Bruneiian.There were other first time guests but they had to leave earlier.
Madam Sin celebrated her 400th run and said she is purchasing a pie maker and we toasted "Eric the Cleric" her wonderful father.

No one was awarded the hashit again.We must be too well behaved.

The hares provided delicious Vegetarian Lasagne with quite a tang to it.Thank you ladies.

HARES: Never Wrong/Velma/Jo

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