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RUN NO. 2174 - 20 April 2010

Hashit taken in the pool and dont they look happy! It was cooler than out.

English roses who sponsored socks for the ladies all appropriately dressed.

Banner for the day

Dizzy with view of Muara Bay in background and the bush

Sunset at serasa

RUN NO. 2174
DATE: 20 April 2010
SITE: Serasa
HARES: English Roses

It was off to Serasa for the St Georges run - which means pretty much one thing - -ON UP and ON UP and ON UP.

Upon arrival at the run site we were greeted by the lovely smells of nature – like nappies and food and other rubbish strategically placed on the side of the road. After signing in on the front window of someone’s car – front horn Claire gave us the signal and we were off.

And guess what - - it was On Up!! The trail was very clear and there were some great strategically placed ropes to help assist us with the climb. Towards the top of the first big up there was a lovely view of the Muara area and a few of us commented on the lovely cloud formation – I thought they looked like Mickey Mouse ears. At the top of the hill we were off to the right and just a bit down we heard the call “checking from here”. So a few ladies went back and I carried on down towards the check to show the guest I had what happens. By the time we reached the bottom someone had found the on paper and we were off again. Along a bit, then back on up to get to the top and find we were going back out the way we came in. So down down we went to the bottom – sign out – and off to the yacht club.

All ladies dressed in Red and White and in the mood for a good time. Thank you to the English Roses who had done a lovely job in decorating the poolside area. We arrived to yummy cocktails and lovely gift!!! Thank you English Roses for the socks.

Before the shout up there was a quiz to do and then shout up began. A new first time guest – Jade (Fiona’s daughter). And a special shout up for Gordon who had celebrated 300 runs!!!! We had Velma’s daughter’s birthday – Emma – and yummy Tiramisu followed!! Then on to announcements and some fun activities with the English Roses. A music quiz – pick the movie/tele show from the song – and it was hard for a kiwi girl like myself although I need get Coro St and Emmerdale!! There were winners though!!!

Then hashit time – and tonight the question was not – any calls for hashit – NO IT WAS – who out of the following should get hashit:
FIONA – for not accompanying her guest all the way round and her guest came out 20minutes before her
DIZZY – who did not sign out
SARAH – for signing herself out as Karin
KARIN – for signing herself out as SARAH
And due to the fact that all of them had pitiful excuses – they all got hashit!!!!! And - - due to the fact that our hashit holder was away and Aunty Lynn may have quietly advised the JM’s of these misdemeanors - - she got to apply the punishment, which was of course the pool!!! And Aunty Lynn got soaked too!!!! Well taken by all the ladies!!

Yummy fish and chips followed and green mushy peas – then tea and cake!! Disco pumping out good sounds and all in all a fantastic night.

Next Run: Spg 787 Jln Muara, Kg Salambigar - ANZAC
Hares: Diva/Legally Blonde/Madmarg

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