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RUN NO. 2173 - 13 APRIL - SPG 338

Setting at the on on
Melissa with the hashit


Marcella with "blue" cocktail

White & blue flour to mark the route

SITE: Spg 338 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong
HARES: Madmarg/Karin/Aunty Lynn/Marcela & Sarah
Hens: 48 Chicks: 17

It was with a heavy heart that I made my way to the site that evening. It was the first Memorial Run for Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford who was taken from us so suddenly last year.

As expected there was a great turn out from the regular Hashers all wishing to pay their respects to and celebrate the life of Lee the way that Hashers know best. There were also so many guests their names went off the sheet!

The run was to be a similar one to the last run Lee had done with Madmargz. We all had been given a piece of ‘J-Cloth’ [sorry I am English!] as a memory of Lee who always ran with one incase she needed a wee! We were following blue paper and blue flour on our run as blue had been Lee’s favourite colour.

It was a run with a lot of road running and a fair amount of hills. They slowed us down but as someone commented Lee would have raced to the top with ease. Saying that Ruthless Pursuit and Claire C made a great attempt!

There was one check which seemed to be where people went off on different trials as later, on the out, when I came onto the main road there were Hashers joining from a different direction! Anyway it was a lovely run with time for quiet reflection.
Run over and back at the site lovely cocktails were flowing. The shout up started with the hares taking their down-downs. We were introduced to our first time guests and the Hashers were taken aback that Kerri said that she wouldn’t be coming back – are we that bad!!

Mark was given a down-down for letting us invade his house – but then he tied to give our beloved Madmargz the Hash Shit by opening his drink too early – better luck next time Mark! The Hash Shit went to Melissa for the cardinal sin of not signing in or out – then later in the shout up her phone went off so it was well and truly deserved and well taken!

After the normal Hash fun – which Lee would have approved of I am sure – we turned our attention to the reason for the run – celebrating the life of Roadrunner. Karin had lit the candle earlier by the lovely photo of Lee. Ruthless Pursuit bravely spoke some very moving personal words about Lee. Mike had also written some words for me to speak to convey his feelings about Lee and the Ladies Hash. There was also a card from the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation thanking Mike for the contribution he made on behalf of the money collected from the Ladies and Hetero Hash.It was a cause close to Lee’s heart and I hope that we can raise more money for the charity on our Breast Cancer Run. Auntie Lynn shared a few things her medium in the UK had told her that day about Lee which explained why there was a bottle of Oyster Bay by her photo! I certainly felt like Lee was with us. We then had a minute silence for quiet reflection.

The evening concluded with delicious fish and chips and many drinks which led to some loud singing later!

In memory of Lee ‘Roadrunner’ Jefford died April 13th 2009. Gone but not forgotten.
On-On Lee.

Next run: Serasa - St Georges
Hares: English Roses

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