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RUN NO. 2288-DIPLO 26 JUN 2012

RUN NO. 2288
DATE: 26 JUN 2012
HARES: Alison/Sue/Cheryl
FRONT HORN: Hash Hound   BACK HORN: Mani Mouse

It was a good day for a run, it didn’t rain, perhaps dry feet by the end?

We got there nice and early, I even had time to empty out the girls before heading into the jungle. While waiting for the horn to go off, there was a hubbub of stinging insects on the ridge path of the run. Murmurs of concern were going through the group. Just before the horn was about to blow, the formal announcement was raised by Hash Cash and Satu Lagi that the hares sent words that while laying the run they got stung after second check, no idea what the stinging insects might be, there is a short cut we could all take to avoid the stinging insects and a sigh of relief went through the group.
Hash Hound took the front horn and Mani Mouse took back. The horn blew and we all ran in and turned left, only to realized paper was on the right. Oops. Down down down the hill, not ten minutes into the run we already had to live with wet socks and shoes thanks to the stream we had to cross by wading in it. Lots of ups and downs and all around the hillocks of Diplo, a call of checking rang through the trees.

People went everywhere looking for the on paper, some went deeper, some went up, some went back, and some stayed put, catching our breath and a drink and hopefully someone will shout ‘On paper!’ and we could continue.

Five minutes went by, nothing. Ten minutes went by, nothing. Caught fragments of conversations like, ‘Where’s the horn?’ and ‘It’s a committee run, it’s expected the hares would be sneaky’ and ‘How long do we wait before we give up and turn back?’ (Ok, that was me, a question asked out of curiosity) The front runners with energizer like bunny energy ran back and forth – and they found nothing.

It was quarter to six when the shout came through. We walked, marched and ran. No clue who found first check and who found the on paper and can’t remember what the terrain was like on the way to second check. Don’t know who found second check either and who found the on paper as we all went zooming through.

Until we reached another stream to cross… this part I remember, Call Girl went all athletic and did the long jump and landed with dry feet on the other side of the bank, where as those of us with vertically challenged lower appendages had to wade through the water - again.

Probably more hills and the thought of where the hell is the supposed short cut ran through our minds, and when trudging uphill, all of the sudden there was a white sheet of paper that says, ‘Short cut this way, turn left!’ Yay!! Legally Blond who was in front of me was all gung ho and turned right! Gasp! A brave soul that one.

On the short cut trail the hares left a helpful message of ‘OUT’ and arrows pointing the way. I don’t know about you but it was a very long short cut. Oxymoron somewhere…

Back at the tent, seemed like everybody decided to take the short cut, and you could see Madam Sin was ready with the first aid box, just in case.

And after signing out we get to collect presents. Lovely large umbrellas with the H3 logo printed on.

At shout up, prizes were given out for laying the most runs to Mad Marg and Sarong, Trail Blazer and Satu Lagi came in second. Ryvita and Squeak respectively got prizes for being front horn and back horn the most.

There was a man by the name of Martin in the midst who supplied cool 70’s and 80’s music throughout the night, so he was excused for being present. I heard some girls only left at midnight from boogie-ing in the jungle. A big thank you to the committee for the yummy food, prizes and gifts. And Sue told a joke that got everyone rolling on the floor laughing, that’s a ROFL for the night.

HARES: Psycho/Rozi/Briony

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