Monday, June 25, 2012

RUN NO.2287 SERASA 19JUN2012

RUN NO. 2287
DATE: 19 JUN 2012
HARES: Possum/Satu Lagi

The hash was saved by the good deeds of our trusty hares, always willing to volunteer and help out when needed. – thank you. The hens gathered on a lovely fine day at Serasa Yacht club and although there were to be no checks, Call Girl and Nicki stepped up to be horns for the evening. I can’t say exactly where the paper led everyone, because Cheryl and myself chose to walk straight up to the end of the spit and back. We saw a few bits of paper along the way, but were too busy talking to notice. The steady wind made it very refreshing. We met Sticky Rice on the way back doing a second circuit – well done you!

Possum put out nibbles for all when we got back and quite a few cooled off in the pool. There were several down downs for people after the hares were thanked. First time guest, Amanda, a veteran hasher from the Korean hash, was taking time out to explore hashing in other parts. Duchess celebrated her 1200th run, very pleased with herself that she could have a Tiger because Glamour was driver for the night. Gloria was farewelled after only 17 runs. She is heading back to Peru for a while, but since this was her third time in Brunei, we might well see her back again sometime. The June birthdays were celebrated with the usual cupcakes. The hashit was given to Gloria for signing in and out at the same time. The shout up ended with a great joke from Dizzy. Thank you hares for the delicious chicken, tofu and rice.
HARES: Committee

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