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RUN NO. 2290 - DIPLO - 10JUL2012

RUN NO.2290
DATE: 10 JUL 2012
HARES: Fertile Myrtle/Madmarg/Legally Blonde

Oh…. how we wish we could stay dry every Tuesday – weather wise that is and not related to blues or greens. I had every intention of doing so last week on the wettest Tuesday we have seen in months and planned to assist Smurf with the very important little jobs around the tent ~ happy thoughts. But my plans were quickly squashed by the JMs who kindly volunteered me as front horn. And when I thought it couldn’t get worse, we were also warned of “creepy crawlies” about. Thankfully ones to collect for prizes. There’s a good incentive…here we go… another wet run, just make sure no one tells my Mum what I really do at the hash!

Seven of us brave hashers were waved off by the ones who chose to stay dry or more the ones not chosen as the rain gods’ sacrifice. My earlier fears of hashing in the rain were made worse by the state of the paper which looked liked they were laid two months ago. Even Mad Marg’s paper in the bushes did not fare well.
Up the top ridge we went. Too wet to run so we stay together and by the time Kathryn was greeted by a baby croc on a log , there was only five of us left – moi, Kathryn, Hana, JM Sue and her niece Linzi – why on the wettest of runs there is always a brave guest – Anna Morley will never forget her first run at Subok. Come to think of it I always find myself on the wettest ones! True hashers get wet – fair weather hashers smartly stay dry – some in more ways than others!
Here’s a bad joke:

Q: What do pantyliners and fair weather hashers have in common?

A: Both stay dry and odor-free on active wet days
Further we go and we come across a drenched first check guarded by a mighty green frog who becomes Hana’s companion. Back check found by Sue and we trundged up a side slope. A familiar up trail we turned left and eventulally we’re back on the original main trail – sneaky one hares and a handy detour had it not been raining crocs and frogs!

On we go, ever further from the tent - which is probably now filling up with more dry hashers exchanging laughs, probably having some nuts and some even sneaking in an early green or blue or two. Meanwhile where they were supposed to be, we get to a T and we turn right to go further into the depths of Diplo. We take a left turn and meet a mighy big ugly spider. He’s way too scary to ride with me so Hana kindly takes him. And we also find 2nd check. True hashers Hana and Kathryn go forward and Sue goes back to find the on paper again.

We have a croc, frog and spider and we now waiting for a snake or Gruffalo to appear. Instead its another spider claimed by Linzi. And we also get to the final check. Kathryn and Hana go bounding back down a trail behind and I go on ahead finding a baby dino on the way – have we reached Jurrasic Diplo?! I go up a very steep hill and find the paper – ON, ON, ON, ON, ON PAPER.

Kathryn asked me if I could smell “the dump” which had me confused for a few seconds! But in this case THE dump was a good smell to have as we were getting closer to the out. Rumour was that this was an A to B and we were getting closer to B.

The trails started looking familiar and fresh paper started appearing – thank you lovely hares. Up past a fallen tree and I knew were were 5 mins from the out and true enough we get to the opening and out at the water towers but without first jumping when we saw the snake on the log! WE MADE IT and it was still light!!! And despite the rain it was actually SO FUN (esp for you M.S). 

Ride back on the roomy bus back to the tent – probably the only good thing there was only 5 of us on the run! Quick change and we have the shout-up. Down-down to the hares, Mad Marg, Fertile Myrtle and Legally Blonde. Followed by a farewell to Fertile Myrtle who is returning to New Zealand and leaves us after 178 runs and that’s with four pregnancies thrown in! Also hash welcome to JM Sue’s niece Linzi.

Thanks to hares for refreshments and to Fertile Myrtle for hummous and the best vegetable curry. And Mad Margz’s chocolate fudge cake is always a treat that even a non-hasher was trying to sneak a bite!

Now time for the hardcore to get comfortable and and exchange epic tales from our youth. And a good night it was especially with stories inspired by “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Now haven’t I got you all perked up and wishing you sometimes stayed later?!
On On…
Satu Lagi

NEXT RUN: Dadap, Off Jalan Tutong - Bring a plate of food to share.
HARES: Pee Wee/Trailblazer

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