Monday, July 25, 2011

RUN NO. 2239 SUBOK 378 19 JUL 2011

Run No. 2239
Date: 19 Jul 2011
Site: Subok 378
Hares: Fertile Myrtle and Kathryn

We arrived at the site of this weeks hash to be greeted by the ever enticing aroma wafting over from the Subok rubbish tip. Luckily the wind decided to co-operate and blow the smell away (most of the time). As we gathered to get ready to head off we learnt that both horns were not working. A quick bit of thinking and a scout around solved the problem and off we went to the sound of the front whistle and back rubber chicken!

A few minutes into the run the first check was encountered. Luckily I was only halfway down the hill when it was called and so when the call came from on back I only had to climb halfway back up the hill. In all there were three good checks on the run, the first found by Pee Wee, the second found by Marcella and the third found by Mad Marg.

Swiftly following on from the first check was a rather steep downhill. The ground was soft and the leaf litter made it fairly slippery but this added to the fun of the run. This was also the first of a couple of decent hills in the run, with an extra one for Mad Marg as she went searching at the third check.

The first ones out of the jungle came out looking like they had run hard and loved it! Everyone came out in good time and safely. The on on proceeded in a timely fashion and we all got on with the business of enjoying the very yummy Samosa’s provided by the hares. Thanks ladies for a great run and fantastic food.

Next weeks run is Island themed. Remember everyone you need to be at Pony Divers at Serasa by 5pm to catch the boats across, and also don’t forget to bring a change of clothes – you will get wet! See you all there. On on…


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