Thursday, March 31, 2011

RUN NO. 2224 - DIPLO - 05 APR 11

RUN NO. 2224

HARES: Psycho/Eastern Promise & Squeek


After the very heavy rain in the early hours of the morning I was thinking will we have a slippery, muddy run tonight? Will it rain again in the afternoon which has been happening every day? Will the streams now be rivers?

I turned up a bit late and all the hens had taken off on the trail to the left of the tent. We haven't been into this part of the jungle for a while, nice change. I managed to catch up to the main bunch just as the first check was called. Sue found the on paper. I had headed in the wrong direction along with Dizzy and Mrs Pingu. We managed to catch up to the front bunch and continued on up the hill from hell that just kept going up & up & up and then twisting to the left side of the hill then up again and down into the valley and up again and back down into the valley, what a work out to get to second check.

Once again I headed in the wrong direction and the call on paper was on back which was found by Vanessa. Guess what, another hill to tackle. It wasn't as hard as the previous one! Once I reached the top of the valley third check had been called. Vanessa and I went checking, this time int he right direction and called on paper, after that it was a great trail back to the site. No it didn't rain until most of the hashers were out of the jungle and it wasn't too muddy only at the start and there were no rivers to cross so all in all a great hash and there were some new trails cut for this run.

Thank you ladies for delicious food and great run.

At the shout up one new guest was introduced: Fai from Thailand and Madam Sin's sister Christine was welcomed back. No hash-shit this week.

on on Mad Margz

NEXT RUN: Lucky Gardens (Memorial Run for Road Runner)

HARES: Aunty Lynn/Marcela/Mad Margz & Sarah

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