Monday, March 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2222 - SUBOK 67 - 22 MAR 2011

RUN NO. 2222
DATE: 22 MARCH 2011
BACK HORN: Madmargz

A quite small but dedicated group of hashers due to the school holidays gathered at Subok 67 and discussed whether it would be a long run and whether to just go to the ridge and turn round or brave the whole trail.

I made the climb to the ridge and after talking to the local whose house was located at the top and being proudly shown his orchids, I bravely decided I needed a longer walk.

From then on it was a long trek with many steep ups and downs and water crossings. Whenever I thought I had come to the top of the last hill I spotted another to be ascended, so I plodded along. By the time I reached the out trail, a torch was necessary with the final leg being slippery with holes and drains to be overcome. I was relieved to finally reach the end.

Thank you to Domestic Goddess and Virgin hare Heulwen who said the hash reminded her of the
hills and valleys in her homeland wales. The shout up commenced with 2 first time guests being introduced and Christine celebrating her 50th run.

Madmargz and Alice entertained us with amusing jokes and Satu lagi reminded us it was Run 2222 on the 22nd March.

As usual whenever Domestic Goddess lays a run we know the food will be delicious and tonight was no exception with mouthwatering vegetarian curry. Thank you hares for a challenging hash and beautiful food. We were obviously a well behaved group of hashers as there were no calls for the hash-shit this week!!.

HARES: Never Wrong/Clover

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