Monday, March 28, 2011

RUN NO. 2221 - LOWER DIPLO - 15 MAR 2011

RUN NO. 2221
DATE: 15 MAR 2011

Ah, to be sure we were looking forward to the St. Patrick's day hash but alas Irish luck was not with us as the day dawned. "Stay indoors, stay out of the jungle if it's raining. There's a possibility of acid rain fall from Japan" came the text messages from various sources. A nasty rumor or sound advice?

Who knows? As we drove along Domestic Goddess and I decided to take heed and just venture for a short walk. We ended up walking round the water tower. Very scenic!

The Irish flag flew high as the hens set off many blending into the background dressed in various
shades of green. Thanks to Never Wrong for filling us in on the fine details of the trail on her
return. Beginning with a steep slope down, then a deep river crossing. A gradual up,up,up for
quite a while. Along a long winding trail, many pitcher plants to be seen, and coming out where
the in-trail started. Then back through the river and back up the slope. Verdict - a very pretty trail, not too much mud.

Begorrah everyone was welcomed back to base with a tasty drop of the hard stuff! Squeek
returned with a beaming smile, proudly announcing that she had found a shamrock and a check!
Time then for Squeek to bring the house to order. This week's hares had morphed into three
green Leprechauns (though taller than the average!) Thanks to this week's front and back horns.
Shamrock finders Squeek and Readymix were rewarded with a drop of Ireland's finest, a cool can of the Dark Stuff. There was one guest this week but alas, she had already left and gone home!

The hashshit was duly awarded to Sarah who bravely confessed that she had forgotten to sign both in and out! A hilarious joke about missing pants brought much hilarity to one and all. Then the Leprechauns served up some delicious Irish stew. Yum yum!

An Irishman once said - At the end of a busy day it's good to get down on your knees and
give thanks that you're still on your feet! On On.


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