Tuesday, March 15, 2011


RUN NO. 2220
HARES: Pee Wee/G I Jane/Hot Lips
BACK HORN: Shantal/Elaine

As we all gathered roadside in Mentiri, the horn was sounded by Tango as she
set the pace in her "too tight shoes holding the friggen horn!" Much needed
back horn support was provided by Shantal and Elaine.

A short way along the road we cut in to a picturesque part of the jungle with
sweeping vines and flowing streams. Not longer after entering we heard the
very familiar "Checking from hereeeeeeeer" and shortly afterwards the melodic
tones of Mrs Pingu as she bellowed On On On Paperrrrrrrr!

As the hash continued there was much time spent on a vertical angle as we went onwards and
upwards. Mrs Pingu was on fine form finding the second check as well. This part of the jungle provided some great variety with streams to jump, logs to scramble over and mud to squelch through. Throw in some snow and we could have had a bear hunt!

An hour later and one more check, we were back roadside for some much needed rehydration.
Over to Simpang 323 for the On On and the smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ gently wafted
in our direction as we set up chairs by the swimming pool.

The lovely Dizzy had returned from mighty Blighty to hold the reins with Squeak and lead us
through this weeks On On. Congratulations to Karen for 300 runs and Pee Wee for 150 runs! We
welcomed this week three new guests who were thoroughly entertained by Possums joke. No
hash-shit this week so remember to be vigilant with that sign in board!

With mouths watering we were treated to delicious hotdogs (and vegetarian patties for the
vegetarians) and a variety of salads. To go with the BBQ!!!

NEXT RUN: Lower Diplo --- St Patricks run
HARES: Hot Lips/Tango/Bunny Girl/Vanessa

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