Thursday, March 03, 2011

RUN NO. 2219 MATAMATA 1 MAR 2011

Great view from the ridge
The intrail
Beautiful pitcher plants at their best
Beautiful trails
The Hares - Diva/Smurf & Trailblazer
New Members
Psycho with the hashit

RUN NO. 2219
DATE: 1 MAR 2011

Well, the horn may well have sounded at 5.15 sharp, but I would have no idea! Being all organised I left home at 4.15, enough time to get through the traffic, which I did, no problem. However on turning into Kg Mata Mata I realised that I had forgotten the blasted lights! Damn damn damn! So a nifty little u-turn and off I set, back to Jalan Muara, this time really hitting the traffic :-( Anyway, I finally rocked up at 5.40.

Having been in communication with the hares, I thought I would probably be able to do the run, but after setting off, I went up the hill and realised I had gone off paper - things really were conspiring! Back on paper I realised my legs just didn’t have it in them (nothing to do with a 4 hour recce the Sunday before I’m sure.....) so I did the sensible thing and went in 20 minutes and came out again, just as the front runners were coming out. Everyone came out in good time this week, sensible hashing prevailed! Our only problem was the lack of tent! Satu lagi called again and they finally rocked up at about 6.40 - even later than me. Good thing they did as it was definitely starting to spit.

The shout up commenced - hares Diva, Smurf and Trailblazer were down downed for a lovely run, I think there was an FTG, and as has been the norm for this year, we had a couple of new members! Diva got her 100th run award - bravo Diva! And this is why she set the run with Smurf and Trailblazer, they helped her lay her very first run a couple of years back - also at Mata Mata! They put on yummy food, roast chicken, tuna, egg, cheese and salad rolls! Had to go back for seconds, it would have been rude not to! Now comfortably ensconced under the tent, the evening disappeared into night, aided by some amber lubrication, as the end finally came to another great H3 adventure! On on!

HARES: GI JANE/PEE WEE/HOT LIPS - on on at Hot Lips - Jln Muara Kg Sg Tilong

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