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RUN NO. 2223 - LUCKY GARDENS - 29 MAR 2011

RUN NO. 2223
DATE: 29 MAR 2011

Oh my Giddy Aunt!!!
Here it is Monday and as no words have arrived and I am not sure who is doing them , you will have to put up with a few words from me – unprepared as I am! I just knew it was going to be a disaster right from the start – well, I didn’t actually know , but it all the makings of a one! I set off from home early to pick up Heulwen &, ten minutes down the road – I realised that I had forgotten my mobile phone – “no worries’ I told myself, Heulwen will have one and we can stay together.

Unfortunately when I arrived at her house there was no answer when I knocked on the door – usually she is waiting for me Strange!! I knocked and hooted but to no avail, so thought she may
have sent me a message on the mobile phone that had been left at home – but no, when I returned home and collected my phone, there was a message to say she had seen me leave her house after my final hooting of the horn.

On to Lucky Gardens despite a few murky black clouds, I had asked a friend to come to the hash as a !st time guest, well actually it was her 2nd time, she later told us that she had done her 1st hash more than 30 years ago when she had first visited Brunei. But, where was she? I had told her to just follow the signs and low and behold after the first sign, directing us into Lucky Gardens, there were no more, so when the horn hooted to start the hash, off I went and hoped
she would find us in the end.

Up the familiar barren hill to the start of a beautiful trail through the jungle, I followed red wellies - photos will reveal who it was who trecked them round the jungle!! - Good move as it turned out as we had to wade our way through some swampy water at the end of the trail. One unlucky soul fell in – great action shot! We rounded off the evening with tails of adventure and trekking from Yann, a down down for Carole our 2nd time guest!! And then down to the serious stuff – great food! Thank you hares Clover and Never Wrong... Poem from Psycho just arrived and to follow................on on

Attack Of The Pink
Wellies : A True Story
It was a cloudy dismal looking day.
The ladies arrived at the hash site on time.
When suddenly a pair of Pink Wellies showed

OMG!! WoW!!
The horn was blown.
Run ladies runnnnn.
A few ladies fell behind and were blinded
by the intensity of the Pink of the Wellies.
Those who ran ahead were being chased.

Oh woe is the hash
Who is brave enough
To save us from the wrath of the Pink Wellies
It’s Domestic Goddess
She chased the Pink Wellies
Past second check
And lunged downhill

They stumbled along to the out trail
Pink Wellies caught up Briani and Erin
In the excitement of catching two ladies
Crossing the deep rushing deadly river
Pink Wellies fell in
Almost drowned

Through the action packed hash of it all
There was another On Up and On Down
Until we are saved!
Ice and JM’s were missing
Attack of the Flu & Children

GM took over to sort out
The hashdemic we were facing
Relief were given to those in need
Nourishing food
Amber beverage
A tavern of camaraderie
As for the Pink Wellies
It was properly drowned
And hung to dry
On On!
The End

HARES: Squeak/Psycho/Eastern Promise

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