Sunday, February 20, 2011

RUN NO. 2218 SPG 378 SG AKAR 22 FEB 2011

RUN NO. 2218
DATE: 22 FEB 2011
HARES: Clover/Mani Mouse/GI Jane
BACK HORN: Madmargz

It was a clear afternoon when we arrived at Subok and put on my hash shoes and began first part of the run…. walk up the hill to sign in. A really good turn out of ladies and a first time guest as well.

Horn sounded and off we went. Into the jungle and the beautiful aromas of the old rubbish dump wafting trhough. Not far along and the checking began. It was found on back and off we went down down, slippery slippery, some up up, slippery slippery. Second checking started and I believe one of our returning hashers found the on paper. Away we went again..on up.

After all the rain of recent the jungle was like a muddy waterslide but we eventually made our way out to a large upwards incline cut through the bracken. Beautiful pitcher plants and eventually after getting to the top – via some rope assistance – a beautiful view!!! And once again the lovely aroma of…rubbish.

We carried on along and we finally came out at Markucing…. A to B!!! Bus waiting, drinks waiting, GI Jane waiting.

On to the bus and back to the on on site.

As we settled in to the shout up we thanked the hares for a great run, celebrated Clover’s 100th run, welcomed our new guest and when it came to Hashit we checked the board to discover that Velma and Christine were still in the jungle…. And they were!!! After some confirmation that Linda’s car was parked, and we were unable to contact them, 4 ladies went back in to look for them – Eastern Promise, Marcel, Mad Marg and GI Jane. Meanwhile Dee went down to the B site to check for them but with no luck. Eventually we got the call that they couldn’t locate them so I hopped in the awesome speed monster , my van, with Trailblazer and headed back to B site and on the way we picked them up walking down the road. YAYYY!!! Safe. Tired but safe. And a big thank you to the ladies who went back in the jungle!!!!

So back to the site and a well needed drink for Velma and Christine and some food. Thank you to the hares for the beautiful food provided and the cake from Clover!!!!

HARES: Diva/Trailblazer/Smurf

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