Tuesday, July 06, 2010

RUN NO. 2184 - MATAMATA - 28 JUN 2010

Lovely trails on the way up to the ridge
Glamour and Duchess looking good

RUN NO. 2184
HARES: Satu Lagi/Virginie/Patricia

Last night Satu Lagi took two virgins deep into the jungle.... hmm, sounds like the beginning of a very bad joke, but she has beaten me to all the major achievements - first to get a hash handle, first to become a front runner (never going to be an option for me), and now first to 100 runs - but I'm not jealous (MUCH). Enjoy your time in the sun Satu Lagi, and just remember that by the time you get back from your holiday, I'll be in front! (cue maniacal laughter HAHAHAHA).

Anyway, congratulations to Virginie and Patricia on having cherries popped. If all your runs are as good as the one last night, we'll be very happy.

True to form, Matamata was its usual slippy self, we crossed what I'm sure was the exact same stream almost a dozen times (I think we must have been trying to lose any pursuing dogs), and the last hill qualified as an aggravated assault (I for one was pretty aggravated by the 3/4 mark) with menaces (the people behind me were threatening/discussion Xmas cards featuring all the butts they could see struggling up the hill). However, the view from the summit made sure all was forgiven and the out trail was sloping downwards (always popular!) I can even comment on the checks this week as, miracle of miracles, I actually saw them. There were three, and they were duely found by Bunny Girl, Ryvita and Claire C. Honorable mention must be made of Pee Wee and Psycho were were our guiding horns.

At the shout-up Beluga and Satu Lagi were congratulated on reaching their century mark. We were reminded that the pussy book is still on sale (all proceeds to charity), and Pickled Lilli announced that she was selling her moped (all proceeds to her pocket). Sarah and Karin almost got the hashit for "failure to meme", but redeemed themselves by promising to lay a run in the next six weeks. (We still have a couple of runs available - see Trailblazer for openings!)

The food (and the 'you made it out' drink) provided was excellent, the company delightful, and the evening sublime.

NEXT RUN: Jalan Dadap, off Jln Tutong
HARES: Squeak/Rambling rose

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