Tuesday, July 06, 2010

RUN NO. 2185 - JLN DADAP - 6 JULY 2010

Nice jungle.... lots of water
Lovely Bamboo
A crossing!
Pickled Lilli with her bells
Start of run with JM Ruthless Pursuit and Diva leading the way
Water fall....

One of the many waterfalls we passed by.

RUN NO. 2185
SITE: Jalan Dadap, Off Jln Tutong
HARES: Squeak/Rambling Rose

Well I arrived late as usual to a lonely Hash site and the vision of cleared Jungle in front of me.

Off I trekked into the juggle saying to myself for the 4th week that I must get a new pair of Hash Shoes ones that actually have rubber stops and not like my current tired shoes.

It was not long before a could hear voices up ahead and letting out my usual On On call a reply came echoing back. I stumbled across Madam Sin, Smurf and Possum like the three musketeers ,who had only been in the jungle for about 7 minutes and had advised me they had already taken 3 wrongs turns, it was now more like 3 Blind Mice!. Off I ran to try and catch the rest of the pack, it was Trailblazer who advised me in a motherly tone as I ran through , I hope your taking this all in for the words, my reply was of course lots of green and lots of water.

I don’t recall ever so many water crossing of various sizes and degrees of difficulty – “All Good I say”!

In fact I noted that at no time during the whole run the sound of running water could not be heard, this was very peaceful and soothing. As usual Dadap had enough mosquito to eat you alive so no time to dawdle.

I made good time and back to the camp site. My apologies to those who took on the horns and those who found the checks as I did not record this valuable statistic, as I was kept rather busy at the Hooley Dooley Barr.

(Two new members Elaine and Shantal were welcomed to the coop. ED)

Great Run Ladies and really Yummy Tucker, thanks heaps.

On On

Next Run: Tajung Bunut Kanan
Hares: Legally Blonde/Mad Marg
Note: As usual I believe a bit of OFF would be useful!!

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