Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Guest Kathrine
Glamour enjoying the walk with Duchess behind
Peahen signing out
Crossing a bamboo bridge
Hares: Diva/Catherine/Pickled Lilli

RUN NO. 2183
DATE: 22 JUN 2010
SITE: Lucky Gardens
HARES: Diva/Pickled Lilli/Catherine
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Fiona

Cor Blimey! the last time we gathered here was 30th March! but a lot longer than that for me as I can't remember the last time I was here!

We gathered together in a huge shed affectionately known as George's shed - a fire was lit to keep away the mossies and there were some huge fans blowing as well so a great place to have a shout up. The bar was set up and the golden dog was sitting on the bar guarding the liquid refreshment when we took off at 5-15pm with a toot from Magic Roundabout. We ran off up the road and up a BIG hill to start with!! After the last 2 weeks' runs of gentle flat runs, this was a huge shock and certainly got the heart pumping!

Up we went, followed by a very friendly dog who kept trying to trip us up as he was so excited to be with so many gorgeous female hashers. The paths were lined with fallen leaves making it soft and smooth and we crossed a few small bridges, went uphill and down dale and uphill and down dale and uphill and down dale!! I remember passing by a lovely lake and seeing daylight at the top of one of those uphills!!!

There was very little muddiness this time so our feet were lovely and dry at the end of the run.
Checks were found by Gina first and then Vanessa found the second one and Pee Wee found the third check - a sneaky one up a side path back up the hill!!. We were greeted with delicious rocket fuel drinks on signing out. The committee handed out Mid year run tee shirts in black and pink with members' hash number on the sleeve.

The shout up started soon after and 1 first time guest Katherine from Australia was introduced by Ryvita. Special thanks to Psycho and Satu Lagi for organising the tee shirts and the Sawadee Restaurant for doing the catering, and also to Cheryl and Alison for helping with the reccies and the run tonight. There was hash entertainment from Speedo - jokes about an old folks home and about the Irish winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Psycho told a joke about vibrators!!!!.
Announcements were made about the Kids' Hash at Tungku Beach this Sunday, the Hetro Hash is at Mata- Mata and the "Threesome"(set by KB, Tutong and Happy Chapters) Hash is on at Telesai Satellite this Saturday.
Velma has copies of book called "Catology" for sale at $10BND - if you are a cat lover, this is a very funny book of collected stories about cats!. All the money will be donated to raise funds for the Animal Shelter.

Anna is having a coffee soiree at her house in Simpang 770 this Friday from 10am to 7pm.

Psycho has a virgin and horny cat on heat - I am not sure if she is looking for female friends for him or she just wanted us to know about her male cat which she reckons belongs to her Mum!!!.

A friendly reminder was given in regards to picking up your own rubbish when you leave and stacking away your chairs, etc. Please don't leave it to the stayers to tidy up after you - it only takes a few seconds to put your cans and bottles into the right bags for recycling and your rubbish into the rubbish bags provided.

Speedo and Sarong (in absentia) were given a cheer for their great efforts in running 5kms in the road race held last Sunday for World Olympic Day at the National Stadium - Speedo ran in 31 minutes and Sarong ran 39 minutes so it was a great effort in the heat!!!.

The call for Hashit was given to Cho for not signing out. Auntie Lynn was so happy to be rid of it!!!. Thanks to the Committee for organising the delicious Thai food also.

A great night - the rain finally came down in great torrents just as we all decided it was time to head off!! so umbrellas and empty buckets were used as raincoats to get back to our cars!!. All that spectacular thunder and lightning but oh so scary to drive in!!!.

Next Run: Mata Mata
Hares: Satu Lagi/Virginie/Patricia

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