Monday, July 26, 2010

RUN NO. 2188 - SPG 370 JLN MUARA - 28 JUL

An animated Alice in Wonderland telling a few jokes!

RUN NO. 2188
DATE: 28 JUL 2010
HARES: Karin/Sarah P
FRONT HORN: Tango BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Ruthless Pursuit not looking too happy when Aunty Lynn showed Cho how a hashit is given!

JM Ruthless Pursuit trying to get out of a dousing by some illegal advice to Hashit virgin Cho before Aunty Lynn stepped in.

Survivor enjoying the night with two drinks!

Hens enjoying some clucking before the shoutup

JM with hares

I arrived at the site nice and early, I sorted out my bits i.e; put my shoes and socks on and took the water and bucket up that steep driveway!

Ruthless Pursuit arrives and asks me to hold the front horn whilst she nips to the Loo, so i end up being front horn with my new bad foot & stiff muscles. I go for it as best as I can down the Simpang and into Sam's garden, I ran past a Giraffe and a Gorilla in her garden (Honest) we then had to go through the gate over the drain and into the jungle.

A few hills, a few slippery steps, 2 checks Ruthless pursuit found one and i don't know who found 2nd. The run was about 35mins for front runners as Madam Sin looked at her watch as we began to arrive. It was a lollypop run very pleasent, thankyou girls Well Done for laying your 1st Run!

We all went to Karin's for the ON ON. A lovely Green drink was served with Dips and crudites,then followed by Burgers, Salad, Buns, Chickpea and Pumpkin salad and Coleslaw, oh and Banana cake. Yummy!
Mad Marg had taken over from Legally Blonde for a week or 2. Alice told us a few jokes.Rebecca was a first time guest from Manchester,UK.

Ruthless Pursuit got the Hashit for not signing in,couldn't find her number she said! on on Tango

NEXT RUN: Spg 791 Jln Muara, Kg Tanah Jambu (Morley Movers)
HARES: Tango/Mad Marg

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