Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RUN NO. 2187 - DIPLO - 20 JUL 2010

A beautiful view even when you are not high up!
Celebrants of numerous runs - Possum and Smurf
A rare double rainbow over the site
Hares Diva and Trailblazer with JM Ruthless Pursuit
Magic out checking? Yes, she has the on paper! all in wrapped up to protect from the rain.
One way of crossing a tree trunk without getting feet wet
Squeak and Tango
Speedo on the trail
A fallen tree after the hares have been
Cheryl and Survivor studying the words

RUN NO. 2187
DATE: 20 JULY 2010
HARES: Diva/Trailblazer
HENS: 27

Front Horn : Ruthless Pursuit Back Horn : Claire ( the sax player )

Sarah, Danielle & I headed off in the rain towards Diplo & actually made the horn this week which is a rare thing. Tango, Speedo & Ruthless Pursuit off again at lightning pace. They were slowed down at the first check tho’ with hashers going off in all directions in search of paper.

Finally Sarah found the trail & we were back on paper with Speedo & co having to first find their way back through the jungle after the search.

I tried to keep up with Ruthless Pursuit but there was no holding her back. The other front runners had soon caught up again & were fast overtaking until we came across the huge log which slowed them down. There was another way around which a couple of us took & I was surprised to find myself once again up the front, thinking that if I kept up the pace going up towards the ridge I may just stay ahead.

Ruthless Pursuit was spotted returning from the 2nd check & we turned back at this stage to follow the trail going in the opposite direction & back on paper. Danielle & Squeek just up ahead & we came out first with Tango & the others not far behind. A great trail with a bit of everything thrown in !

Back to the tent where we celebrated Smurfs 550 runs & Possums 200th. Lolly scramble followed with Possum giving out chocolates & then we all enjoyed the salads & chicken that the hares had done.

Sarah & I had to collect the signs & I jumped out at the lights & ran to get the last one then disappeared down the drain ! Must have been funny to see but my knee so sore I wasn’t laughing & worried that I may be out of action for laying next weeks hash.

NEXT RUN: Spg 370 Jln Muara, Kg Sg Tilong - Bring your own chair and lots of mozzie spray.
HARES: Karin/Sarah P

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