Saturday, July 17, 2010


RUN NO. 2186
HARES: Mad Marg/Legally Blonde
HENS: 28
FRONT HORN: Ruthless Pursuit BACK HORN: Squeak

After my long trip to Dadap the week before I left home bright and early to find traffic an absolute breeze and I made it to site in no time at all.
Sleazy Gardens is such a lovely site to run from with the lovely pool area and good off the road parking.

At first there didn’t seem to be many of us but then Squeak got an SOS call from our newest members to confirm then were heading in the right direction. … So with their arrival Ruthless Pursuit beeped her horn and we were off.

Tango was back from her holiday and off she went at lightning pace up the hill with Ruthless Pursuit hot on her heels. As we were going up the road we could see some more hashers driving past.

Into the jungle and across the wee riverbed, around the bull dozed corner, up the hill and . . . “Checking from here!!!”. Tango faithfully ran on, people started checking and I managed to go back down another big hill and faithfully search away.

OK – 10 minutes still no paper found - - Squeak took over “Checking from here” and Ruthless Pursuit runs ahead to assist Tango . . . 15 minutes - - still no paper. Gathering around the check to discuss possibilities and Speedo and Alice in Wonderland advise they think they found paper further back but thought they’d heard the cry of “On Paper” earlier on so must have been wrong paper. . . . So back down the hill we start heading and they run on to find the On Paper!!!!! Yay – 20 minutes check!! Poor hares we find out afterwards were faithfully waiting in the jungle to lay the paper out and watched us dally around!!

So onto paper we headed through the jungle, over the rivers and I’m sure my right foot found every boggy muddy marsh available – even up to my knee at one point trying to extract my foot to not lose my shoe. Back out onto more bull dozed trails and out the way we came in.

Back to the pool and I do believe most ladies jumped in the pool!!! Absolute bliss!!!

Then time for the shout up and we celebrated Mad Marg’s 350th run!!!! And also had the hashers up who did the interhash in Kuching for a down down. Speedo told some brilliant jokes – (and yes I parted my curtains on my computer before starting up windows!!).

To our hares – thank you for the wonderful food – yummy chicken drumsticks and homemade pizzas to die for!!!!! And of course – New Zealand lollies brought back by Mad Marg – YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY – EH WINA!!!!!!!

Thank you for a lovely run, food, and hospitality. Although our numbers were smaller than usual it was a lovely hash!!!

HARES: Diva/Trailblazer


Anonymous said...

Kindly let me know where I can join the Hash House Harriers club in Bandar Seri Begawan. My email:
I am new to Brunei.

henswords said...

You must look out for the hash signs at the site we post on the blog each week. Are you a hasher? If so just need to sign in under hashcash and introduce yourself. on on

henswords said...
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Haris said...

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