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RUN NO. 2162 - TUNGKU BEACH - 26 JAN 10

Sunset at Tungku Beach
The hares
The beach stroll
The horns

RUN NO. 2162
DATE: 26 JAN 2010 - Australia Day Run
HARES: Magic Roundabout/Dr Pron/Trailblazer

I cannot remember all the details of last week’s run. But I clearly remember that it was NICE and, EASY although I am not very sure about some of the EASY bits. We all set off in Green and Yellow attire as requested, in the direction of the Empire Hotel. The weather was great and sea breeze through the pine trees was most welcome. As it was the Australia run some of us had high hopes that there might be an Ausie cocktail waiting for us at the hotel. Miss Pink though, moved with great ease as in anticipation of what lay ahead (she does not take cocktails) she surprised a few hens as she overtook them. I had difficulties trying to keep pace with her; luckily there were no hills.

Soon it was checking time and we all gathered as a few hens checked around. Checks are designed in order to allow every one to catch up with the fast runners. However, Wina had her own idea. She decided that it was time to read the enticing recipe in the Words, “Ginger Chicken.”

“4 Chicken Breast,

1 thumb size piece of ginger”, she went on as we listened.

“On on ahead” was that Mad Marg? I am not sure but someone called anyway. We continued out in the open, away from the pine trees and on the beach, towards the hotel on a flat trail. And once more we found ourselves checking again. Certainly, Legally Blond, (I think it was her) had high hopes that we would end up at the hotel as she went on ahead checking very close to the hotel. But alas! The on on trail was in quite the opposite direction. Much to our dismay we were confronted with a ridge of rocks which broke the thundering waves from the incoming tide. This was a big challenge especially for the older hens whose knee joints had began to cause concern. However, we all clambered over them, a few of us with help from Sarong. It was at this point that the front runners disappeared from the walkie talkies’ sight. Back on the trail once more we enjoyed the evening breeze from the sea, cool and very romantic. But this did not last as we were once more faced with rock climbing. I got on top of one of the rocky point only to be faced with a steep drop into the incoming tide below. As I tried to climb down Velma and the rest of the hares behind me suggested that we take the easy way and avoid broken limbs.

We all arrived safely to a cocktail even though it wasn’t at the Empire Hotel. Lots of snacks and dips were served by Possum.

At the shout out the hares were given their down down and there were two guests. Everyone was well behaved and so no one got the hashit.

The Ausie contingent put on some owe-some grub of Hotdogs and salad followed by Lamingtons mm. Thanks all it was a wonderful night.

Thank you for the nice flat run Hares!

On on!

HARES: Not Yet/Satu Lagi/Alice in Wonderland

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