Thursday, February 04, 2010

RUN NO. 2163 - 2 FEB - RIMBA

Smurf on the run
Hens with the abandoned rimba houses
Hares: Alice in Wonderland/Satu Lagi/Not Yet

RUN NO. 2163
DATE: 2 FEB 2010
HARES: Not Yet/Satu Lagi/Alice in Wonderland
FRONT HORN: Magic Roundabout BACK HORN: Squeak

As I am the only able bodied hasher out of our usual threesome, it’s obviously my turn to do the words. Actually, I think it was my turn anyway!

A small gathering of only about 25 hens took up residence at the now extremely familiar Rimba site, this being our second time here in 3 weeks. Magic Roundabout blew the horn and led us down the back road towards the Amedeo ruins. Is this to be the reverse of two weeks ago? The one with no checks. At the end of the houses, we wend our way up to the right, still seeing remnants of old paper as well as new. The trail passes through lots of trippy bracken until suddenly, the paper disappears! There isn’t any paper pile, so it can’t be a check. Hens scatter to find paper again and find it going both ways. Now things are really getting confusing. Hens are saying, we must be doing the hash backwards and gone in the out trail – but in that case, the hares shouldn’t have laid paper all the way out.

We decide to follow the paper right, but then we hit only old paper. At this point there are hens scattering in all directions – like headless chooks. The horn calls everyone back to the open sandy area. Somebody has spotted new paper, but it is very sparse. Then, as we are going through lots of long grass, we spy a check – the very first to be seen (by me anyway). It seems this is first check and because we have all gone in the wrong way, we are now nearly out. Call Girl said she had been trying to tell the front horn there was paper leading towards the roundabout, but … So we reached the roundabout and on out. Today was a case of going in the out and out the in.

The 3 hares were duly given their down down, but not before a major photo shoot. JM Ruthless Pursuit was almost yawning, waiting for the proceedings to be able to continue. The hares were so busy posing, they nearly forgot to drink on cue. Not Yet celebrated her special award of 500 runs. She said she had actually done her 500th run last year, but she had been not yet ready to celebrate it. She flashed an opal necklace from Oz as her reward, but could not yet remember who introduced her all those years ago. Speedo gave us a belated Aussie Day joke about a koala, lizard and crocodile. Alison announced that the signs for next week would not be on the highway coming off Tungku, which spurred lots of discussion about laying of signs. Bini Hutan was very keen to rid herself of the honour of being hashit holder, but was disappointed to find no takers.

Thank you hares for the back to front run and the delicious chicken curry and rice, but remember not to lay paper all the way through until after 5.15 pm.

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HARES: Alison/Cheryl/Sue/Possum

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tinylou said...

maybe that should be an april fool run .. laying the paper right thru and working out which way is the right way!!!!
NOW theres an idea!