Monday, February 22, 2010

RUN NO. 2165 - 16FEB - RIMBA

Aunty Lynn with guest
Aunty Lynn with hashit
Stray sign
Hares Eastern Promise & Speedo
Hares Gaby with Eastern Promise

RUN NO. 2165
DATE: 16 FEB 2010
HARES: Speedo/Eastern Promise/Gaby
SITE: Rimba - Valentine Day run

A handful of hens gathered at the Rimba site, looking carefully for correct start for the run being wary that the last time a run was set at Rimba we had started back to front and hence had not found any checks! We took off down the road but had a look at a small sign which pointed the wrong way, but no paper was in sight. We quickly popped into the jungle and we wound around and about for a while on pretty trails and it was pleasant to be in the jungle rather than through half built houses and half built roads.

A few gentle ups and downs, and we were soon out at the back of the tent which had by now been decorated by the hares. We had been told to look out for hearts in the jungle although not all were lucky ones. Once everyone settled down JM Ruthless Pursuit got proceedings underway and many a pose were staged for hashflash. Gifts were distributed by the hares, and everyone thanked including the hares for samosas that were piping hot.

Hashit was given to Aunty Lynn who thought she had prepped her neice well for the shout up, but alas she was dying for her drink and concensus was that the "ill mannered" practice warranted her sponsor the hashit. It was taken in good spirit as Aunty Lynn sat in a trash can to pay for her sin but when all was calm, the other two contenders in matching ts got a bit wet as well.

A good evening although a few rushed off to parties, and more CNY open houses.

NEXT RUN: DIPLO (Chinese New Year/National Day Run)
HARES: Trailblazer/Sarong/Readymix

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