Saturday, January 23, 2010

RUN NO. 2161 - RIMBA - 19JAN

Bini Hutan taking the hashit
In the jungle
The aqua drinking hares
RUN NO. 2161
DATE: 19 January
SITE: Rimba
HARES: Eastern Promise/Speedo/Gaby

Another Tuesday night under the Borneian skies. No rain? That’s a change. A familiar site with familiar trails. Nice steady running, no hills to get too excited about and no checks for a change.

There were more signs of bulldozing and Rentis lines in the jungle signaling one more area about to be flattened beyond the reach of hashers forever.

The run was short and sweet with the front runners out in half and hour and the rest of the walkie talkies out long before sundown. Through the familiar Amedeo housing site that we hear is about to be finally worked upon and perhaps finished after languishing and rotting away for the last few years.

The shout up commenced with a down down for the hares. What! Not one ‘adds’ in sight (Adds being predictive text jargon in Brunei, you figure it out!)

One new guest was honoured. What !! Another non adds drinker. What is the hashing world coming to ?, and a German to boot, shame, shame. Not only did she not drink adds she was the invisible woman, not having been introduced to the JMs - Who bought her along and why was she here and who took her into the jungle?. All was revealed. She was staying with Gaby, who was a hare, and she did the run with Bini Hutan who has been away so long she had forgotten the rules. She subsequently was punished hashing style later on in the evening and had the pleasure of minding 2 chickens for the next few weeks or until another transgresser can be found to pass them on too.

The evening progressed in typical hashing style with a lot of chitchat, backchat and ribaldry.

Announcements were called for and Not Yet said Not Yet, she had an announcement but it was not yet the time to announce. Finally Not Yet got it out --- New Years Greetings from Rosemary Norrish and Rosemary Moten, 2 old Brunei hashers with many years hashing in Brunei under their belts.

What else, Yes Dizzy is back, Glamour is very happy to be back after spending many very cold weeks in New Delhi. 12 degrees during the day, and 3 degrees at night. She said her electric blanket saved her life.Congratulations to her husband who was awarded a very prestigious medal from the Indian Government for many years service to Indian nationals in Brunei

Speedo told a very funny joke involving a girl called Kevin!.

Very tasty samosas with a bitingly hot dip followed. Thanks Hares.

NEXT RUN: Tungku Beach (Australia Day Run)
HARES: Trailblazer/Magic Roundabout/Kerry

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