Friday, February 12, 2010

RUN NO. 2164 - 9 FEB (DST)

Hashit handed over
Madam Sin taking the hashit
The birthday girl
The hares, Possum, Cheryl, Sue & Alison
On the bus
Duchess having a rest before completing the A to B

Courtesy of Call Girl

RUN NO. 2164
DATE: 9 FEB 2010
HARES: Sue/Possum/Cheryl/Alison
FRONT HORN: Rambling Rose BACK HORN: Trailblazer

Tuesday night and all is right as the tent is at the site and all the hens are gathering for flight!!

5-15pm the front horn toots and off we all trot/run along a lovely dry track past the fence - Karin was late and had run onto the track when she realised she hadn't signed in so she had to run back to the tent and then try and catch up with us.
Last seen with Catherine and the 2 dogs!!

There were some lovely gentle inclines to get up and a couple of streams - I tried to leap over the short distance trying to avoid the water but fell and after that when we got to the log crossing, managed to sink my feet into the smelly mud as well!! Me and water not a good combination!!!

The hens were busy looking for the "memento cards" which Alison had told us about last week - take only 1 or get the Hashit was her message! Everyone found 1 or 2 or 3 and tried to offload them to those who hadn't seen them hanging in the trees, on the fence line and on the ground for fear of getting the Hashit!!!

We followed the paper all the way along a lovely leaf strewn path till we got down to the barrier near the Empire - ye gads!! the paper had ran out and hens were wandering up and down the nearby area trying to find the paper!!

Had we taken a wrong turn or had the experienced hares run out of paper??!

Suddenly someone shouted out this is an A to B run!! don't worry!! and five minutes later, a bus came towards us with Alison and Cheryl dressed up in their lovely 1950's outfits. To get on the bus and be marked off by Alison and Cheryl, now was the time to surrender the "memento card"! it was so nice to get on the bus and have a cool drink! Well done to Glamour and Veronica also for doing the whole run and getting on the bus!!! Some of the hens decided to run back to the site rather than go back in luxury!!

The bus driver stopped on the way back and let Eastern Promise out so she could collect the 2 roadside signs and then it was time to relax and have a delicious red potent cocktail prepared by the Hares.

The shout up started and the Hares were given a down down and thanked for a great run.

First time guests, Vanessa from NZ and Jette from Denmark were introduced and welcomed.

A few announcements were made - Christine selling her book called "Dogs" and she also donated several to the Animal Shelter to sell. Dizzy reminded everyone of the Guitar and Flute performance on at The Orchid Hotel this Friday night and Not Yet wanted to offer a friend's rubbish collection business for urgent sale.

Bella got up and thanked the Hash for the beautiful flowers she received recently for a family bereavement and all the kind cards and thoughts while she was away in Oz and she also had some kittens to give away free.

Alice in Wonderland invited everyone to an Open House for Chinese New Year on 1st day on Sunday 14th at her place - Simpang 558 at Jalan Berakas.

Sigi was up and ready to give away the Hashit and Madam Sin got the hashit as her mobile rang (she tried to plead her case that she was actually not at the hash as she had not signed in/out) - she was duly christened and took her punishment like the good sport she is!. Someone at the back of the group tried to start a rumour that Pee Wee's mobile had gone off during the shout up but it was a false rumour!!! (Glamour took a call but was forgiven as her mother -in-law was in hospital - Condolence to Glamour and her family as M-I-L passed away that evening aged 102)

The Hares played some music from the 1950's and gave away lots of spot prizes - all related to Old Age (i.e. over 60!!) Lots of laughs over the gifts of walking sticks, disposable razors, steradent tablets for cleaning dentures, daily pill box holders, plasters, hair thickening solutions, anti ageing creams,magnifying glasses, lavender face masks, lady Grey teabags,medicated powder for those itches,reading glasses, foot stockettes, etc.

Thank you Hares for the gifts which were very well received.

Alison and Sue presented a gift to Cheryl celebrating her 60th birthday - what do you buy someone who has everything? A Peter Pecker blow up headband of course!. Cheryl was delighted and blew up the present and wore it for us to admire for the rest of the evening.

A delicious supper of salad rolls with chocolates and birthday cake was provided by the Hares.

One of the best runs and evenings for sure!!! The hard core sang their hearts out to the music way into the night as they admired the wonderful starlit skies and tried to identify Orion's Belt.

Thanks again Hares.
On On,

NEXT WEEK'S RUN: RIMBA (Celebrating Valentine's Day)

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