Friday, August 31, 2007

RUN NO. 2036

Ladies Hash: Log. Star date 28.08.20007

Hares: Claire & Carol

Location: Subok Nebulai. Menteri Cluster.

Mission: To locate and follow the trails left by the intrepid explorers, Claire and Carol through the Wormholes of Sungai Akar.

Front horn: Tango. Back horn: Trailblazer.

Present: 43 hens and 5 chicks

Last week’s words, annotated with details of major events have just dematerialized. They were here a moment ago and now they’ve gone. That’s the problem with time travel. Things get side tracked into parallel universes… Ah! Good they’ve come back.

Well, the pack set off in good order. I followed until they went up an eroded and fearsome hillside. The trail followed on through bamboo groves and along and over streams. Luckily people’s feet didn’t get too wet because of the easy crossings. There were at least two waterfalls and two men waiting for Durians to fall from a tree. [I wonder if they are still there or if they went home for their tea] It was a long hash with lots of steep bits. It went up to the top of the ridge: visited on a recent hash from the other side, of the hill that is, not the grave, and then they came back. Or so we hoped... Alas there was an obstacle of fearsome proportions. A loathsome swamp lay in the way of gallant hashers wishing only to return to base for polite conversation and light refreshments: A walk along a spindly twig, their only mode of escape. As darkness fell on this evening of total eclipse, the hares returned to the rescue of their fellows and brought them safely over the log and so home.

During the shout up it was revealed that Julianne was fifty and Carol a venerable one hundred. In celebration of this anniversary, Carol bought eight trees; the number you need to provide you with enough oxygen to survive. So that was a good thing. If any one else wants to continue breathing they should do the same.

This was followed by a happy birthday down-down and song for Sarah. The hash-it was awarded to two ladies: Dianna for awkward parking and Alice in Wonderland for forgetting to sign in. Ha well, not to worry. It’s all part of the fun.. At least you get to look after the peculiar paraphernalia associated with the aforesaid honour. Some people have never had the luck to be the Chosen Ones.

The hares then provided us with some excellent nosh in the form of kari Laksa so that was a good thing too. Thanks for that.

Next Week: 4 September at Diplo

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