Monday, August 06, 2007

RUN 2029

Date: 10 July 2007
Site: #13 Spg 462-80 Sg Hanching Baru, Jln Muara
Hares: Magic Roundabout/Tiga/Debbie
Front Horn: Mad Marg
Back Horn: Alice in Wonderland
Everyone began gathering at the run site, Magic’s house yet again (think she is trying to set a run laying record this year), around 5 o’clock. The usual jostling for car parking as near as was humanly possible to the on site took place, and by 5.15 most of the sprightly Hens were ready for the off.
Mad Marg led the charge as front horn, as we all set off down the road to double back before going off into the jungle and up the first of many hills. So up we went…… and up…….and up, coming out onto a ridge whereupon Trish (our very own WAG) landed at first check. Hens dispersed all over the place in search of the on paper; I thought I would give first time guest, the youthful and keen Anna, her first taste of checking. So down we went, right down to the bottom of the clearing, only to hear the call of ‘On paper’ right back up the hill and down over the other side.
Paper was found and called on by the ever glamorous Cowgirl (who excelled herself at the shout up).
The run continued in a most undulating fashion, second check came and went as we were still trying to play catch up from our disastrous foray the wrong way at first check. I’m assured this was found by ………………. Everyone did start to bunch up a bit, as the hills began to take their toll (where young Magic finds these is a constant source of awe and wonder, as well as sore legs), and we eventually heard the call for third check. As I was almost there, I saw the yellow flash that was Legally Blonde disappearing back down to the right, and sure enough she called the on paper but a few seconds later. We felt a wave of relief as we could see this was the way out, and it was DOWN hill! Back out the way we came in, down the road before doubling back again back to the house, where the usual suspects were waiting to greet us upon our return.
A very sociable group of Hens gathered back at the house for the evening’s entertainment. Naj and Ready Mix very capably conducted a slick, witty shout-up. Magic and virgin Hare Debbie were down-downed for laying a very good run, front and back horns Mad Marg and Alice in Wonderland respectively were thanked, first time guest and erstwhile checker Anna was welcomed, a couple of calls for Hashits were refuted (Debbie for ‘not getting’ how to use a shower and consequently flooding her co-Hare’s bathroom, and Cowgirl for sporting short shorts, Hash t-shirt and…………….her courtroom stils!).—Her defence was that she was dressing to match the celebration occasion and had posed as a New York hooker! - ed. I actually think she deserved a down down! As the evening progressed, fine American fare was served up by the Hares, as was a quiz, which intellectually challenged the intellectually challenged, and as usual the sun went down on the camaraderie and conviviality we Hens are famous for. On on!

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