Monday, August 20, 2007

RUN 2034

DATE: 14 August 2007

It was an interesting run for me, I was driving to the hash site with Amanda discussing arrangements for this weeks run when I had to brake to avoid a black royal mercedes and heard a bang into the rear of my car. After exchanging names, addresses and insurance details we proceeded to the hash site.

Hens were busy organising a temporary sign-in register as sign-in board had not arrived.
We were promised a short run with a couple of hills and a great view.

I proceeded up the first hill and thought I had reached the top only to see that it kept on going, I eventually reached the top and as promised the view was great.
We kept walking, following printed paper along a picturesque trail till first check and followed white paper which went off in a trail to the right along a pleasant track. After being informed that only one type of paper had been laid the hens returned to first check. I decided to return back to the start with the majority of hens and had another great view of the Brunei river on the way down.
It did turn out to be a short run for most as no one worked out in which direction we should have headed.

Only the front runners Claire, Carol, Lee and Tango who kept going did not make it out till much later.

At the shout up the hares avoided the hashit for not picking up old paper but Mad Marg's mobile went off so she ended up with it anyway. Survivor and Lee celebrated belated birthdays and Dizzy was presented with a housewarming sailing photo.

We then ate delicious sausages and salads. Thank you Mad Marg and Dizzy.
I would like to thank Readymix for translating and attempting to negotiate with the driver who hit me and claimed it was my fault. Also to the JMs for not awarding me the Hashit when my husband arrived to try and settle the situation, although he did put on a sarong for the shout up.

Legolass presented GM Trailblazer with a souvenir shirt from her hash in Hongkong as she is GM and Ladies Hash reciprocated with a 2000 run shirt.

Run on 21 August - DST
Hares: Never Wrong/Amanda S

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