Monday, August 06, 2007

RUN 2031

Date: 24 July 2007
Site: Crocodile Beach
Hare Never Wrong
Front Horn: Claire
Back Horn: Trailblazer

After missing the last couple it was nice to be back to do what I hoped would be an easy Beach stroll. Arrived under darkening weather conditions and a small group of us set out down the beach. Ahhh nice easy one.

Down the beach quite a way and the rain started… but only a drizzle so nice and cooling at this stage. Finally reached first check, which was on the other side of what had become a small stream. Claire our ever-faithful front horn waded thigh deep through the water to the pile of paper to hear the calls back on the dry side of “ON PAPER”. Thanks Claire anyway.

Feeling a bit sorry for Claire getting wet we headed inland along a nice path. About 2 minutes down the path the rest of us joined Claire in the wet stakes as the heavens opened up in true Brunei fashion. Trying to follow sodden wet paper proved harder then we thought.

By the time we reached the Coast Road the rain was bucketing, the second check was found and low and behold the paper was strewn everywhere thanks to the running rain!!! So after a while we finally found the trail properly and were back on course. A nice rainy walk back to the carpark, with help on directions from Smurf who we met along the way.

It was a great hash and the rain made it even that more adventurous. On arriving back we were able to quench our thirst with warm drinks. Apparently last week Dizzy arrived with a block of ice and this week arrived with the chilly bins but no ice. And where was Dizzy – gone off for her hash!! BUT NEVER FEAR – a big thanks to Smurf for getting priorities right – the amber refreshments were well and truly nice and cold!!!!

On On to Serasa Yacht Club where ladies all enjoyed hot showers … ahh the luxury!! Then for the shout up - we celebrated Never Wrong’s 150th run that was the week before and Dizzy was shown appreciation from all gathered for the warm drinks by having a nice warm bath in the pool – with a little aid from JM Naj!!

Thanks to all for my birthday song and loved the spring rolls and chips Never Wrong.
Great evening of hash and drinks!!

Scribe: Virgin hare Cath C

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