Monday, August 06, 2007

run 2023

Run: 2023
Date: 29 May 2007
Site: Tungku Beach
Hares: Tango/Naj (the Belly Dancers)/Sarah B
Hens: 35 and one Dog, 3 guest, a couple of returnees,  and one virtual hasher MOONLIGHTING” as Gordon
A slightly scatty group of hashers assembled at Tungku Beach still dithery from the thrill of the “Away Day” at Linggi’s on Friday night and  the Hash Relay on Sunday.
 After picking biddy bids (otherwise known as Burrrrs according to the Scots) off  our socks and trousers for the third time we were ready for a nice little run in the beautiful surroundings of Tungku Beach.
 Well. I did say we were still on a high, the run was tackled totally backwards, first check was missed completely, second check called as first and run adjacent to the first checkers on the beach running parallel to the second checkers, or was it third, but was there a third check? . Why were all the walkers so far ahead of the runners. Why were hens milling and pointing up the beach, down the beach and how many hens tackled the trail of paper on the rocks, while the rest of the pack strolled down the perfectly smooth road adjacent to the rocks. How many hens made it to the Empire Hotel? How many hens finally found the out paper which was actually the in paper and finished the run. The answers too all the above was nobody knows.
Every hen got the required 45 minutes in. All worked up a sweat, every hen had the chance of finding paper, never mind if it was in or out. Everybody got back in time for the sunset. Nobody got lost. We all had fun.
The Shout Up was called and hares given a down down for a great run. Guests were introduced, Debbie from Seattle, WA.
 Elaine was farewelled, and presented with a certificate for 639 runs, a framed photo and a sparkly throwover . But do not be sad, she is coming back. We will see her again, This is just a practice leaving.
Nellie was awarded for 400 runs and showed us her gift of gold earrings.
Photocopies  of nameless hashers from the relay were offered up for bidding of the originals.
 No one was awarded the hashit, although we had ample opportunity to dunk the hares  but such is the vagaries of hashing, they got away with it.
Food  was provided to round of a perfect H3 evening with one hasher commenting on her yummy pasta,  and carrot cake with Italian dressing. The lighting was bad!!
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