Monday, February 27, 2017


RUN NO. 2531
DATE: 21 FEB 2017

A bottleneck of hens clad in red and maroon T-shirts headed up the initial steep incline into the jungle. Itchy Feet leading the runners at the front, and Sarah B guarding the walkie-talkies at the back. A pleasant, straight forward 4km route with two checks.  Mrs Pingu with her ritualistic act of dashing past the walkers half way through the run and Led Astray elbowing her way through the talkers at the end.  No mishaps in the jungle itself. But one of our new members, Sophie decided not to sign out until she was comfortably safe at the onon…oops!  I think Meryl could be partly to blame there. Also LMG provided the H3 committee with photographic evidence of a basket of car keys left behind the signing board – with the absence of Psycho, our very own Ripper found guilty of that offence..  So plenty of hashit to be had!

Shout up hosted at JOTB’s huge house on  Jalan Kebangsan, beautifully decorated with red lanterns hanging from the ceilings to drive off bad luck.. and bowls overflowing with golden orange kumquats and mandarins to bring in good luck and wealth.  JOTB and Readymix beautifully dolled up in their exquisite ruby red cheongsams and Trailblazer proudly showing off her Kid’s hash rooster Tshirt. 

As the skies grew dark, Readymix started the evening at 7pm with a wonderful fire display.  Brave red hens, realising this was not a planned event, quickly came to the rescue and had the fire doused. But no water could douse the sudden fire within Readymix who nearly turned into a Chinese fireball.

Many announcement at the shout up… this Sunday all day garage sale at Alison’s  - lots of good stuff and some trash… let everyone know including your amah’s.  Wiggle order, if you want shoes or any other stuff that you can buy from the site, then get on to it at: and inform Gin Trap soon! If you’re not sure on your shoe size, then just try on someone’s stinky shoes ideally before they’ve gone on a run. Sarah B announced Seranai Singers performance at the RBYC coming up on 3rd and 4th March, so be great if many of you ladies can go along and support. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students and children and include a not so light buffet.  As regards Red Dress on 4th April, please feel free to give any donations for prizes for the raffle draw to Pedigree Pup. Ripper has reminded us all to please be discreet when drinking the blues and reds after run. If you need to pick up receipt for your subs, then go see Ripper or Psycho.

What a delicious spread was had.  We started off with a dish called Lo Yee Sang. The dish comprised of many elements with veggies ‘n fruits; the key ingredients being fish (smoked salmon) to represent continuous business “yee sang”. As a circle of hard working ladies toss it together “Lo” with our chopsticks we create the continuous flow of business.  JOTB drizzled it all with seasonings ‘n condiments (honey, plum sauce, lemon juice, sesame seeds, peanuts, crisps, five spices and ground pepper… thus representing the essence of life – sweet, bitter, spicy, inspiring, unpredictable, overwhelming, interesting and so on…  A circle of ladies tossed it together “Lo” with our chopsticks, thus creating a continuous flow of business.  And that was just the starter!!!  This tasty dish was followed by a delicious main meal: steamed rice, veggie stir fry meehoon, steamed chicken with ginger, spring onion sauce, sweet & sour red snapper fish fillet, vegetarian spring rolls,, mixed veggies and braised beef cutlets. With bellies bursting to the brim, we were then treated to chocolate birthday cake and balls of glutinous rice. Satiated stomachs, we headed home to bed.
The hares so grateful that all us ladies enjoyed the run and took part in this ancient custom and culture, celebrating the Chinese Lunar New year and ushering the year of the Golden Rooster. Gong Xi Fa Cai & Wang Shu Ru Yi!


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