Tuesday, February 21, 2017


RUN NO. 2530

Arrived at Lucky Gardens site a bit earlier than my norm and saw some hens had already parked at the side ner the entry into the jungle. However, as I turned the car around to park it up I saw a man at the back of one of the cars! Alarm bells started ringing and scenes of hashit filled my mind. As I was putting on my shoes and I saw a few more men roll up, it suddenly hit me that it was one of those very rare Tuesdays that men are allowed the ladies hash. Good thing I didn't cry wolf earlier!

After a short briefing by Psycho that the run is about 6 km but mostly flat (yea right its Lucky Gardens!) and to look for pink hearts in the jungle, the front horn was tooted by Mrs Pingu who had made it to hash with a few minutes to spare. Up the runners went through the entrance to Lucky Gardens that used to have the shack and is now well inhabited by very vicious mosquitoes. I hung back with Pedigree Pup and Siaw Yan for the bottleneck to clear knowing we were going to take it slow and be walkie talkies. In we went through the grass, over some logs, up and down some bumps, saw the lake to our right but thankfully steered away from it (we remember what happened to Icy Bitch last time) and up a hill! Huff Puff! Last time I was in Lucky
Gardens together with Psycho we came up with our own little Mozzie Wonderland song. Must try and remember it!

Not long after noticing a cute little bridge built to help little ones or furry friends go over a log, we came out at a clearing to the fence of the government building off the Menteri highway (I can never remember what its called), stayed alongside it for a bit before going back into the jungle. A couple of big, wobbly bridges later, we thought we would come back out at a different section of Lucky Gardens but it turns out it was a lollipop run! A small lollipop with a very long stick! We caught up with back horn Rachel F and Never Wrong and stayed with them for the remainder of the way back out on to the road to sign out. The coconut water was very refreshing after that long walk!

Janine's place was a lovely stilt house on top of a hill with a big garden that had been decorated with hearts, balloons and lots of pink and red. Everyone was already enjoying the lovely breeze, punch prepared by the hares and, of course, additional beverages from hash bar.  The price increase did not deter sales especially of the reds. Blue does not seem so popular anymore since our dear Smurf's departure. While the food was being set up, shout up started and silence was more effectively obtained by the sight of Psycho and her 'little' water gun. Hares were thanked, horns were thanked, guests were given punch after they strutted up to the front then all told to get lost to clear the way for prizes for people who had found some lonely pink hearts in the jungle. Little pink packages were handed out and the contents modelled by the lucky winners. Funny how much excitement little scraps of material can cause.

Announcements for kids hash this Sunday at Sleazy Gardens, tickets for Serunai Singers performing on 3rd and 4th March for sale by Sarah B, more parties at Janine's for this Saturday and next, blah blah blah. Most important announcement was of the ladies red dress run which will be held on 4th April. Men are allowed to attend providing they wear red dresses and are most welcome to tart up with wigs, heels, mini skirts etc. In order to raise more money for the red dress run charity of choice, the ladies hash will also have a lucky draw with excellent prizes. All hash chapters will be able to purchase some through various representatives. As there were no calls for hashit and some had already received a few sprinkles from Psycho's tun, it was then time to form an orderly queue for the delicious food catered by the hares for the night.

Next run: Menteri Waterfalls - Chinese New Year run.
Onon will be at JOTBs. Please bring a chair, wear red or cheong-sams, and park sensibly.

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