Tuesday, February 21, 2017

RUN NO. 2529 DIPLO 7 FEB 17

RUN NO. 2529
DATE: 7 FEB 2017

After a week of grey days and stormy skies, we were lucky to arrive at a sun-bathed Diplo site last Tuesday. With eager beaver, Patsy, on front horn and the Satnav-dependent, Where's Wally, coming up the rear. Thanks ladies. After taking the usual sandy approach into the jungle, it soon became clear that this was going to be a muddy one. The tropical rains had done their worst and turned the leafy paths into a swampy quagmire.

As we battled our way through fallen trees and foliage, the hum of cicadas was drowned out by the screams and yelps of the H3 ladies. Hills were tackled not with the normal skill and finesse but with slipping, sliding and a whole lot of sweating. Half way through the boggy trail, one hasher's shoes fell victim to the swamp, never to be seen again.

Thankfully for some of the muddier hashers, there was a fork in the path, giving the option of a shorter run. The rest of the gang battled on to complete a very enjoyable 5K of stream-hopping and vine-dodging, the later sunsets allowing us all to make it safely out of the jungle before dark.

The shout up this week was one to be remembered, commencing with Kiwi-shaped ginger biscuits and a tricky quiz in celebration of Waitangi Day (NZ's national day). Squeak, Twinkle Toes, Miss Goody Two Shoes and Footloose ensured we are now educated on the key features of New Zealand and were even subjected to a light spot of bribery in exchange for a trip to their beautiful country. Nothing wrong with that.

As if this wasn't enough excitement for one Tuesday evening, one hasher was lucky enough to be inaugurated after a slight case of 'parking irresponsibly' a few weeks ago at Kapok Kanan. Serena will henceforth be known as 'In too Deep' and is hoping her truck and the ditch will not be meeting again any time soon.

Next Run: Lucky Gardens - Valentines Day
Hares: Geri/Janine/Kate/Tracy/Psycho

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