Monday, August 26, 2013


RUN NO. 2348
DATE: 20 AUG 2013

I can't remember when the last time I hashed.... somewhere in March I
think... Anyhoozy, Psycho got me to agree to fill up one of the runs
for August, hence I am here now, at Salambigar Waterfalls, early!
Almost threaten not to happen with a last minute 4pm meeting
scheduled. And that didn't happen! Yay! More or less the same goes
with Psycho, possibility she won't make to hash on time either. We
even figured out how to get info for Words if neither of us could make
Checking with Psycho earlier where hash location was, I was trying to remember whether I hashed at said location before or not, I got there early! Record! Before 5! Yes! while waiting for the horn caught up with fellow hashers, banter banter banter, a few snippets of conversation..."Aaawww cute doggie!" "Onigiri eyeballs!" "Where have you been?" "I'm too lazy to go all the way..." "Had a really good summer..." "I got terrible sinus..." Weather was great though, cloudy and cool. I was eagerly looking around checking out new faces, still quite a few familiar ones, and generally just soaking up the atmosphere, gosh I'm actually here! Bwahahahahah!
Just before start of the run, announcement came up to make sure no valuables were left out in the car. Got some of us all paranoid and despite the horn going off and fellow hashers going into the jungle, the paranoia amongst us went back to our cars to triple make sure we didn't leave anything out in the open. I caught up with Squeak and Erin and teamed up with them, we figured we go half in half out. Since Psycho wasn't around, at least I got company. It was a good thing, right after the concrete steps and passed the watering holes, and up the hill, was when it became apparent the purpose as to why we were meant to be together. We have discovered... to get up a hill, we must bitch. That was the only way. That first hill just seemed to go on up forever. Mind you, I have not hashed in a while and it looked forever. Lots of 'sexy butts' mantras were being said, ok, that was me.
When we finally got to the top, and looked at the time, only 9 minutes had passed!! WTF?!?! 9 minute!?! Damn long 9 minutes of our lives.... More bitching ensured. Hehehe... After that was when the hash became a blur, I was constantly right behind Erin, I studied her legs and feet just so. Didn't look left didn't look right. Eyes were focused to watching her every step. Must keep up. Staring at Erin's feet, I just want to get out of here before it gets too dark. Passed Racheal, she got more motivation than I do. I is lazy cow at this stage, thinking when is a good time to turn back... Maybe 5 minutes more than turn back... Are you guys turning back...? Ok, lets see at the end of this trail...
After that, the only thing that occupied my mind was uh oh, I need a toilet @_@ ummm, aahhh, do I need to go now or maybe I can hold it in. I got this brilliant plan of hoping to sweat out most of the fluids, not that it worked since the weather was great! Very cooling. Yes, very good for the average person who's out in the jungle working up a sweat. Cool weather not so good with someone who is exercising bladder control. By then we figured we have already passed the halfway point... Oh I almost forgot, I think within 5 minutes of us entering the jungle we heard calls of 'Checking from here' ringing out. Of course by the time we got to the site everybody else have gone through already. Only now I can't remember if there was a second check too.
After a while I realised I was staring at Squeak's feet. And really I wasn't sure if I should be testing my bladder's prowess right now, but at the same time wasn't sure if we do stop and drop my pants someone would just pop right up. I had an internal toilet debate going on inside me. Eventually I pulled over and it was like "Come on, come on, hurry up, hurry up, expel, expel!" Relief! Then I had to run to catch up with them two, don't fancy the idea of being all alone. In the jungle. At this time of the month. Where 'hungry ghosts' are crawling about... Brrrr! Good thing I stuck with them two, turned out the trail was pretty familiar as they were here before and assured we're almost out. Yay!!! And after a gentle downward treck, we're right next to the highway! The walk back was pleasant thanks to the cool breeze and overhead clourds, not sure how long it was, haveing the cars pass by it didn't look that far. Saw Psycho and handed her the baton to continue of post hash happenings as I had to hash and dash. Until next week from me! Rozi

~Psycho says~
I got there late. Hate work for this. As I couldn’t see where the out paper was I opted to go in at the start. Up hill and bumped into norma, katy, Alison and storm. So kept on going until I hit first check. Walked a bit more, looked at the time and promptly walked back to sign out.

On On was at Tina’s with good food and good company. Kids hash is at diplo. First time guest who is a travelling hasher??? (My brain spaced out for a good 2 minutes). We love GM’s Dad!! Who loves us back by sending us damn good jokes. Mdm Sin contributed a joke that sent quite a few people going “I don’t get it, what is it??” And the reply was along the line of something about “you gotta be british/kiwi/aussie/insert nationality here kind-of-joke” SueAnne made a dutch something that was tasty (recipe in words). Pajama Run Next Week!! Nash Hash @ Serasa same weekend.


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