Tuesday, March 27, 2012


RUN NO. 2274
DATE: 20 MAR 2012
FRONT HORN: Madmargz
BACK HORN: Trailblazer

30 hens and 3 chicks

A fine afternoon with the usual clucking as hens gathered at the tent waiting for the horn to set us off on the run. We headed into the jungle by climbing the muddy hill complete with its many excavations. The in trail was on the right and we soon came across the coloured 1st check paper. Passing the site of the old gardens we turned right onto the main ridge and went up and down along this for quite a while. The hares were kind to us and we did not have to go down into the valley and up again, we took the path left and went out into more open ground along the fence (of what may be the Brunei secret service – who knows!). After walking down and over drains we headed up again and returned to the tree cover. We were now on the opposite ridge and continued all the way along to the end, reaching the junction with the path that goes down to the end of Spg 542. At this point we turned left onto the path that leads to the lake. However before we reached it were turned right and joined the track that goes out to Spg 542. A new area of trees had been cut down just before we arrived at the road. What could they be planning there? Thanks hares for the conveniently placed logs at the exit that saved us sinking into the mud. We returned along the road to the tent.

The shout up was a little quieter than usual with many hens away for the holidays. There were no first time guests, no awards and no new members. However Cow Girl was back with us and we did have 2 dogs on the run. Announcements included information about fund raising for an injured H4 hasher, Terry, who needs to be evacuated to the UK for further treatment following a head injury. A T shirt is being sold at $25 to raise money. Please see Mad Marg to order one or pass to her any donations you would like to make. Other fund raising events will follow. Mad Marg was the honoured hash member who received the hash hit this week when her phone went off during the shout up. She has Nancy to thank for that (and golf) who should actually know better!

Thanks to the hares for the lovely food, a vegetarian biriyani.

On On GI Jane

NEXT RUN: MENTERI HIGWAY PIPES/U TURN - Wear longs as there is some bracken at the start.

HARES: GI Jane/Sid

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